Tradition and Innovation

2011-2012 California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)

The CSCS, as well as the CHKS, grew out of CDE’s commitment to (1) helping schools promote the successful cognitive, social, and emotional development of all students; and (2) fostering positive school working environments, particularly to help address the growing problem of low teacher retention. This CSCS report provides perspective on the degree to which staff perceive that their school has a learning and working environment that is safe, supportive, caring, collegial, challenging, and engaging, with norms and standards that encourage academic success. Taken as a whole, the survey questions map to three pillars emphasized by many school reform efforts—rigor, relevance, and relationships. In conjunction with CHKS student data, CSCS data enriches a school’s ability to create a positive school climate that promotes quality teaching, school connectedness and academic achievement among students, and well-being among both students and staff.