Educational Services is now located in the City Hall office Suite 200.
Educational Services Division
Dr. Rosanna Mucetti
Dr. Rosanna Mucetti
Deputy Superintendent, Educational Services
Welcome to the San Leandro Unified School District’s Educational Services Division. Our division defines and leads all of the TK-12 instructional programs in the district. The Educational Services Division supports the following instructional vision for our students:

Responsive, Personalized Learning Pathways for Career and College Readiness

The following three departments in the division work together to operationalize the learning pathways for our students:

Technology, Assessment, Research and Evaluation
Student Services, Special Education and Community Wellness
Teaching, Learning and Educational Equity

The three divisions work in an integrated manner to help implement the various initiatives that support Responsive, Personalized Learning Pathways for Career and College Readiness. The division also works to ensure equitable learning outcomes for all students and equitable access to all programs and support services. Everything done by the division is designed to maximize student learning, eliminate the opportunity gap, and create safe, respectful, and inclusive classrooms and school throughout the district. Please visit the individual departments to learn about the key initiatives that support these efforts focused on 21st century teaching and learning.