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    As we close out the 2018-19 school year, we would like to let you know about a change to the weekly schedule for our secondary schools. Starting the 2019-2020 school year, the block days will change to Wednesday and Thursday for Bancroft, John Muir, and San Leandro High School.  Our school year includes several holidays that occur on Mondays, which with our current schedule, does not allow teachers to check in with all of their students to start the week. These check-ins have been found to help students with expectations and organization for the week ahead.  


    Al cerrar el año escolar 2018-19, nos gustaría informarle sobre un cambio en el horario semanal de nuestras escuelas secundarias. A partir del año escolar 2019-2020, los días de bloque cambiarán a miércoles y jueves para Bancroft, John Muir y San Leandro High School. Nuestro año escolar incluye varios días festivos que se producen los lunes, que con nuestro horario actual, no permite que los maestros se registren con todos sus estudiantes para comenzar la semana. Estos registros se han encontrado para ayudar a los estudiantes con expectativas y organización para la próxima semana.



    在我們完結2018-2019學年的時侯,我們想讓你知道我們在中學的每週上課時間的改動。從2019-2020學年開始,Bancroft初中, John Muir初中, San Leandro高中,逢星期三及星期四將會是長課短日 (block days) 時間表。在我們的學年有幾天的公眾假期是在星期一的,而現時的時間表卻不能允許老師跟學生做好一週學習的準備,而這是能幫助學生預先做好一周的學習期望和安排的。


    Vernon L Walton Jr., Ed.D



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  • supply list

    6th grade supply list here

    7th grade supply list here

    8th grade supply list


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  • plan fun

    So many amazing things to see in the Bay Area, why not take some time to explore the great museums that the Bay Area offers and learn a few new things or see some interesting art. Click HERE to see what days you can visit Bay Area museums for free in 2019.


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  • 1st day

    August 14, 2019




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  • Student Cell Phone/ Personal Electronic Device Policy

    Please note that we are asking that ALL cell phones and personal electronic devices are turned off and locked away during school hours. Any devices that are not locked away will be confiscated. We are not responsible for lost or stolen devices. Thank you for your support!


    Poliza de celular/y electronicos personales

     Porfavor anote que le estamos que TODOS los celulares y electronicos personales esten apagados y guardados durante las horas escolares. Cual quiere electronico  que no este guardado sera confiscado. Nosotros no somos responsables por electronicos perdidos o robados. Gracias por su apoyo





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