I have sixth and seventh grade students and we have been learning history.  We began reading the textbook, introduced chormebooks and the library's databases, and homework has been assigned (every night!) .  
    I'm updating this page for the first time ... I had even forgotten putting the cookie dig up there last year.
    The district does us the favor of facilitating day-long training sessions where we are given time to explore something new in our toolkit.
    Usually, when I get back to the "real world," I get caught up with the day's journey, and then the work we do outside of school hours.  I realize that communication with students and the relevant stake-holders is crucial in these times.
    So, with that in mind, ... the secret word is Ping-Pong.  When I am checking students in at the beginning of class, they can earn extra points by showing me that word, "Ping-Pong" written beside where they record the homework.  I will endeavor to change this word, so as to keep it fresh.
    Room: Bancroft S-6   Email: Mr. Smothermon   Phone Extension: 3646