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    Name: Ms. Ball
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    Welcome to Jefferson Jaguar Physical Education!
    To view the class expectations please, click here: Ms. Ball Physical Education
    Spanish Version: Ms. Ball  Educacion Fisica
    Physical Education skills are taught throughout the school year.  The June report card will reflect a year worth of skills.  
    Physical Education skills are progressive like the Standards taught in the classroom. Each grade level's skills builds on the following years skills.
    The Physical Education Model Content Standards are attached for you here:  P. E. Standards
    The main focus in Ms. Ball's classes are the standards that involve manipulative, rhythmic, locomotor, muscular strength/endurance, self-responsibility, social interaction, group dynamics and assessment skills. 
    Ms. Ball occasionally offers extra credit on some skills. Not only to review the skill(s) but, to inform grown ups at home what the student(s) are learning in Physical Education class. It is the student's choice whether or not to accept this offer.  
    Technique is critical when implementing a skill.  If the technique is not there the skill and progression fail. FitnessGram state test is a prime example of this. The students are well versed in curl ups, push ups, trunk lift, running, and the shoulder reach but, if they do not perform the skill technique correctly they receive low scores as required by the test rules.
    Timed run rubric: Running Rubric 

    Thank you for taking time to visit this page and the links provided.
    It lets your child(ren) know that you support them and in return they want to do their best for you. 

    Ms. Ball