• Welcome to Mr. Keithley's Page!

    I teach on main campus in the science building. Below you'll find some information about the classes I teach. If you're a current student in my class (or a parent looking for homework), check my Weebly page at KeithleySLHS.weebly.com for the latest deadlines and assignment information, or click on the specific course below. You can email me at akeithley@slusd.us.

    AP Computer Science - Periods 3, 6

    Intro to computer programming in Java. Students learn algorithms, data structures, and programming foundations in the popular language of Java. This course is rigorous, college-level, and will prepare students for the AP Exam in May.

    AP Computer Science Principles- Period 3

    Survey of various computing and programming concepts from learning how the internet works to programming simple applications. This course is also a rigorous, college-level course with its own AP Exam in May, and two projects throughout the year that also get weighted into the final exam score.

    Introduction to Computer Science - Periods 1, 4, 5

    Front-end Web Development and programming basics in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Forget Google Sites, Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly - learn how to write the code to make the exact web design you want to create. 


    Room: 236

    Phone: 618-4600 ext. 2236