• Teacher Page
    Name: Mrs. Fox
    Phone Number:618-4360
    Welcome to Physical Education ! It is going to be a great year!
     In order for your child to remain safe in P.E. please be sure to outfit them in tennis shoes and clothes they can
    can easily move in. If  for some reason your child is unable to participate fully, please send a note informing
    me of any limitations and or restrictions your child may have for the day.  Thanks so much.
                                    The main activities we will be be covering are:
    Primary Grades 1-2                                                                             Intermediate Grades 4-5
    Cooperative Games                                                                             Cooperative Games 
    Throwing and Catching                                                                       Softball Skills
    of balls
    Striking Activities -batting and balloon volleyball                             Football Skills 
    Locomotor Skills                                                                                Volleyball Skills
    hop, skip, jump, slide, leap
    Balancing Activities                                                                           Tennis Skills
    Tumbling                                                                                            Tumbling 
    Kicking Skills                                                                                      Soccer Skills
    Rhythms and Dance                                                                             Dance
    Underhand Tossing                                                                              Frisbee Activities                                 
    Dribbling                                                                                              Basketball Skills
    Fitness Activities                                                                                  Fitness Testing/Activities