Mathematics Pathways and Acceleration

  • San Leandro USD Mathematics program bases its core instruction on the California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, with implementation guidance from the CA Mathematics Framework.

    While we follow the recommendations from the state framework as well as the Common Core State Standards Initiative on secondary math pathways and encourage all students to follow the traditional or standard math sequence as indicated in the pathway diagrams below, SLUSD recognizes that students and families may be interested in an accelerated math pathway.

    The accelerated middle school math course pathways in SLUSD consists of a 3/2 compression course beginning in 7th grade. Participating students will engage with Math 7 and a portion of Math 8 standards in 7th grade, followed by the remainder of Math 8 and the full series of Algebra 1 standards in 8th grade.

Middle School Math Course Sequence

  • Below is the sequence of math courses for middle school students.

    Middle School Math Course Sequence

Criteria for Middle School Math Acceleration

  • As of the 20-21 school year, all 6th grade students will take Math 6. In order to enter into Accelerated Math 7/8A as 7th graders, 6th grade students must meet criteria as described below. Middle school students who have already accelerated as of Spring 2020 will continue to the next math course as indicated in the course sequence diagram above. 

    Rising 9th graders who are interested in enrolling in the Summer Algebra Acceleration course must submit an application and must be approved before applying to the program.


    Math Acceleration Criteria

    Performance Value






    Math Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP)  Readiness Score*

    (number of questions answered correctly)

    *Due to COVID-19, for 20-21 placement, district interim assessment scores will replace MDTP as assessment for acceleration. Performance values assigned as below.






    District Interim Assessment

    Performance Band

    (used for 20-21 placement only)

    Standard Exceeded

    Standard Met

    Standard Nearly Met

    Standard Not Met


    Smarter Balanced Math Score 

    (higher of previous 2 years)






    Student Habits/Acceleration Readiness 

    (rubric total score based on teacher recommendation)






    The Overall Score is the total of the Performance Values.


    Overall Multiple Measure Score Criteria for Math Acceleration


    Placement from Math 6 to Math 7/8A (rising 7th graders)

    Placement in Summer Accelerated Algebra (rising 9th graders)


    Placement in Math 7/8A

    Enroll in Summer Accelerated Algebra 1 course

    Less than 10**

    Placement in Math 7

    Placement in High School Algebra 1

    **students who do not meet the initial score criteria for moving from Math 6 to Math 7/8A may still apply. Applicants may then be placed on a waiting list and admitted into the course.

Timeline for 20-21 Placement

  • For the 20-21 school year, the process for placement into the accelerated math pathway is as follows:

    May 11-15

    District identifies students eligible for Accelerated Math 7/8A (using Smarter Balanced and District Interim Assessment scores).

    May 18-22

    Notifications sent to all 6th grade families regarding pre-qualification and opportunity to apply for Accelerated Math 7/8A.

    May 25-29

    Final notifications about 7th grade math course placement to applicants.

    Below are links to district webinars regarding updated middle school course pathways.

    For more information, please email

High School Math Course Sequence Options

  • For those students who elect to follow the recommended, traditional course sequence in middle school, but who still want to accelerate, below are options to accelerate in High School.

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Last Modified on May 11, 2020