Student Discipline

  • Student discipline is a critical factor in maintaining a safe environment for students and staff. While it's important that students be held accountable for their conduct, it is equally important that students and families know of their right to appeal and understand the appeal process in order to be better prepared for it.

    Some student discipline issues are resolved through one-to-one counseling with a teacher, counselor or school administrator, and may require no more than an in-school suspension. This means that students are removed from the classroom for a short period of time for the purposes of redirecting or resolving misbehavior. Other issues may result in out-of-school suspensions. This is a more formal discipline approach, which prohibits students from attending school, and which requires they have the direct supervision of a parent or other adult.

    The most serious discipline approach, an expulsion, requires approval from the Board of Education, and removes the student from his or her school for a period of one or two semesters. Expulsions cannot happen without a recommendation from a school site administrator. An expelled student may not participate in any district program or activity, including school dances, athletics, and performing arts events. Expelled students are required to attend a community day school or alternative education program as determined by the Board of Education.