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    My heycurrent schedule:
    Period 2 - Spanish I
    Period 3 - Spanish I
    Period 4 - Spanish I
    Room: 352 
    Phone Ext: 2352

    I am no longer posting info on my website.  Please visit my Google Classroom for information, communication, and assignments.


    -Online learning starts lunes, 13 de abril.  Check your school email for details.


    Hola, estudiantes.  Third quarter is officially over and teachers must submit grades by April 24.  Only work from January 6-March 13 can be counted for 3rd-quarter grades.  If you have an excused absence from our last test (3/6), I will put NA in that slot.  If not, I will leave it blank. We are supposed to start online distance learning on Monday, April 13.  I will send you all an email when I have information about when classes are and what the expectations will be.
    Click on this practice doc to see what to work on the next three weeks (no work during Spring Break). Please note that this is practice only: teachers are not allowed to grade this work to count towards your grade.
    Hola, estudiantes, (3/13)
    During the 3-week school closure I will check my email daily and update this page as necessary to inform you of any work to be completed.
    The past week my kids have been battling a bad case of the flu (influenza A).  As soon as they are better, I will start grading your work, including last week's tests.  Please email me with any questions.
    Take care, and be safe.  I'm thinking of you all and sending my best.
    -Sra. Lokting
     PRACTICE TESTS (Scroll down and click on "Test Preparation" and "Continue". You may need to enable Flash activities in Google settings.)