Transportation for School-Related Trips

  • Volunteers interested in transporting students in privately owned vehicles must do the following:

    1. Register as a Level 2 Volunteer.
    2. Submit the volunteer registration information and authorization form to the school site where you will be volunteering and driving students.


    In order to be eligible to transport students, drivers must meet and adhere to the following conditions:


    1. Student Drivers shall not transport other students on authorized field trips.
    2. The Driver agrees and accepts his/her obligation to operate, manage and control his/her vehicle in a safe and lawful manner while transporting students pursuant to the Certificate and Authorization.
    3. The Driver further agrees to DEFEND AND INDEMNIFY The San Leandro Unified School District from any claim, action or lawsuit brought by anyone which arises out of, or is in any way connected to the operation of the vehicle pursuant to the Certificate and Authorization.


    When using your vehicle to transport students on field trips or other school activity trips:

    1. Be sure that you have registered with the district for such purposes and have a valid driver's license and current liability insurance at or above the minimum amount required by law for each occurrence.
    2. Check the safety of your vehicle: tires, brakes, lights, horn, suspension, etc.
    3. Carry only the number of passengers for which your vehicle was designed. If you have a pickup truck, carry only as many as can safely sit in the passenger compartment.
    4. Require each passenger to use an appropriate child passenger restraint system (child car seat or booster seat) or safety belt in accordance with law.
    5. Do not smoke a pipe, cigar, or cigarette while there are minors in the vehicle, as required by law.
    6. Obey all traffic laws.
    7. Take the most direct route to the destination or event without unnecessary stops.


    In case of emergency, keep all students together and call 911 and the district office.