• Video Documentaries -  (Use Evidence & Interpretation note-taking strategy)

    Khan Academy - Lecture Videos & NotesSee Ms. Avar's emails / shared Khan Academy Google Doc for current chapter-companion lecture videos & topics.

    This site is the official practice partner for College Board AP®. Here you will find AP lecture videos specifically aligned with the College Board AP® Exam, subject outlines and even practice exam questions. This is an excellent supplement to deepen, refine and organize your understanding of complex material. This resource will clarify key points from the textbook, enhance important World History coursework we cover in class and synthesize material from other outside resources. AP® World History is a college-level course. AP students need to be proficient readers of college-level text, so this does not replace class requirements to read your textbook chapters and create your own outlines. However, enhance those outlines by viewing these lectures as you are reading the corresponding topics in your textbook each week. Take notes accordingly to support your learning.