• All students who have a 'C' grade or below as of today, 11/29 will receive the 'Danger of Failing' comment on their Progress Report.

    If you are seriously low with your grade, you may consider changing to a CP class at the sememster.  If this is something you are considering, you should talk to your counselor ASAP.

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  • Finals will be the last two BLOCK days of DEC.  It will include Vocabulary and a reading exam. Details to follow!

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  • Bring both texts to class on Monday.

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  • You have not escaped Vocabulary....please have a dedicated notebook with you for this year for this Monday.


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  • Click on the link to grade your peers, so you  may receive your listening/speaking grade!

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  • You will need the following to be successful in this class:

    1. A positive attitude; we're in this together!

    2. Your Shakespeare said, "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be."


        TWO NOTEBOOKS, SPIRAL TYPE.  If you are a 'doodler', please bring an extra one to doodle in.  I get it.  

    3. Originality.  No cheating, borrowing or 'helping' someone do homework.  IT'S WRONG! And neither of you will get credit. 

        Remember, if you can google it, so can I! :)

    4. Punctuality.  You are late if you are not seated. Period.  If you have a pass, please put it quietly on my desk to excuse the tardy.  Otherwise,          you are late.

    5. A sense of humor is one of the most important characteristics you will need not only in this class, but in life. 

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    Summer Reading Notes are due on Friday, August 17th, and must be turned in, in order, preferably typed, with your name in the LEFT corner.

    You will not receive your Summer Reading Credit until your text has been turned into the LIBRARY, after our tests next week on the books.

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