• If you cut class, please be aware that your work will NOT be accepted nor graded.  

    It is not fair to other students who are here, every day.

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  • FREE Audio/Podcasts for you to listen to/download


    This link will take you to a GDoc that will give you access to a great variety of books you can listen to..all free!  many varieties of genres...sci-fi, horror, classics, some in a variety of languages,some published, some not!  

    Some may be helpful when you are in college as well...

    Take a look and listen to some on your next long drive, or when you have some time on your hands.  

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  • You will need the following to be successful in this class:

    1. A positive attitude; we're in this together!

    2. Your Shakespeare said, "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be."


        TWO NOTEBOOKS, SPIRAL TYPE.  If you are a 'doodler', please bring an extra one to doodle in.  I get it.  

    3. Originality.  No cheating, borrowing or 'helping' someone do homework.  IT'S WRONG! And neither of you will get credit. 

        Remember, if you can google it, so can I! :)

    4. Punctuality.  You are late if you are not seated. Period.  If you have a pass, please put it quietly on my desk to excuse the tardy.  Otherwise,          you are late.

    5. A sense of humor is one of the most important characteristics you will need not only in this class, but in life. 

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    Summer Reading Notes are due on Friday, August 17th, and must be turned in, in order, preferably typed, with your name in the LEFT corner.

    You will not receive your Summer Reading Credit until your text has been turned into the LIBRARY, after our tests next week on the books.

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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

SUMMER READING NOTES DUE Friday, August 16th. It is 10% of your 1st Semester Grade. *If you have NOT completed it, you may wish to a) enroll in 12CP ASAP or b) read the books (not the enotes!) ASAP