• The notebook check will take place the last week of May; if you have lost it, doodled all over it, it needs to be sorted out, organized and all entries need to be dated, put in chronological order, and all quotes, etc.,  need to be entered, with your daily writing, with examples, completed.  

    Also, daily agendas need to be entered as well.


    This is the EASIEST GRADE you will earn, and if you have done it EVERY DAY, and gotten the agendas when you are absent, you will not have to re-do it.  If you have been absent, you WILL need to get the dates. 

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  • You will have a 100 question m/c final on vocabulary, lists 16-30

    Start studying NOW.  

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  • Since we are now on 'SUPER BLOCK' there are no office hours, and I do not make up tests during lunch, you will need to make personal arrangements with me to come to school at 7:45 to make up any missing tests BEFORE the end of the quarter, which is next Friday, March 23rd.  I do not have the time to wait for you to make arrangements at your leisure. 

    If the grade isn't in, you will receive a '0' in the grade calculation and we will be moving on.  

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  • If you have a 'C' or below as of today, 11/29, you are receiving a 'Danger of Failing' with your progress report.  If your grade is especially low, you may consider transfering to a CP class for next semester.  If that is something you are considering, you should see your counselor ASAP!

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  • Final Exams will be on the last two BLOCK days in DEC and will be a combination of Vocabulary AND a reading exam.  Details to follow in class.

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  • After conferring with several teachers, this is the 'consummate' webpage with info about Whitman's birthday...check it out!

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  • Please remember that if you are out of class for ANY REASON, especially if you are attending College Speakers, as a junior, your work is still expected on the due date and NO extension will be granted.  It is your choice to attend, especially if you are attending EVERY college presenter offered.  

    Also, if you are out sick, work is posted online and you should be able to get it.  Please come to class with it or turn it in when you return.  You can also turn it in with a friend.


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  • There is no 'EXTRA CREDIT' given if you have not done the Summer Reading.  It is not fair to those students who did the work.  Also, 2 or more weeks were given IN CLASS to review the texts to prepare for the tests.  You will have to work 'extra hard' to bring up your grade.  

    *If you came from another school, this obviously does NOT apply to you.

    If you want full credit, you must do all the work.

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  • Friday ends the Summer Reading Assessment Extravaganza!  

    Study Sync begins next week

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    You will need the following to be successful in this class:

    1. A positive attitude; we're in this together!

    2. Your Shakespeare said, "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be."


        TWO NOTEBOOKS, SPIRAL TYPE.  If you are a 'doodler', please bring an extra one to doodle in.  I get it.  

    3. Originality.  No cheating, borrowing or 'helping' someone do homework.  IT'S WRONG! And neither of you will get credit. 

        Remember, if you can google it, so can I! :)

    4. Punctuality.  You are late if you are not seated. Period.  If you have a pass, please put it quietly on my desk to excuse the tardy.  Otherwise,          you are late.

    5. A sense of humor is one of the most important characteristics you will need not only in this class, but in life.  


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    Please have all notes for each book typed if possible, neatly stapled with your name on the LEFT corner, with your name on them to turn in on Friday.

     You will not receive your Summer Reading Credit until after we take the tests on the text AND you have turned in your book(s) to the library.


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