Priority 7 - Access to a Broad Course of Study

  • As of the 2018-2019, school year, local educational agencies (LEAs) are required to annually measure their progress to the extent that students have access to, and are enrolled in, a Broad Course of Study. 

    In grades 1-5, we utilize the following measures to define a Broad Course of Study:

    • Student Access to Board Approved Instructional Materials
    • Student Access to PE Instruction
    • Student Access to Art Instruction
    • Teacher Professional Development in the Arts
    • Teacher Professional development in Project Based Learning

    In grades 6-12, we define a Broad Course of Study as

    • A Course Catalog that provides students with several opportunities to meet the A to G requirements
    • Coursework that includes Health and Science and Medical Technology, Information and Communication Technologies, Manufacturing and Product Development, and Marketing, Sales and Services
    • 379 courses that meet the UC/CSU entrance requirements

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