• Physical Education is a requirement for graduation by the California State Education Code 51222 and by the San Leandro  Unified School District. Education Code allows School Districts to grant Physical Education waivers under various circumstances.  The following policy adheres to these circumstances and is similar to the policies held by schools throughout California.

    Students must take PE in 9th grade. 


  • Any SLHS student in grades ten (10) through twelve (12) may be granted a waiver of no more than ten Physical Education credits for participation in a school-related physical activity.  This includes participation in interscholastic athletics and cheer. The requirements for credit are:

    • Students must complete a minimum of 75 hours of practice/conditioning/competition under the direct supervision of a school approved teacher or coach.
    • Students must complete the season of activity.  
    • Interscholastic athletes must maintain eligibility as defined by the C.I.F., including maintaining a 2.0 GPA for both quarters.
    • Students will receive a Pass (P) on their transcript. Each successfully completed season equals 5 credits.  A maximum number of 5 credits can be waived per season, regardless of the total amount of hours. There is no partial credit.
    • Seniors who are short five or more credits of Physical Education must be enrolled in a Physical Education class.  *They may not anticipate completion of a school-related physical activity in lieu of being enrolled in a Physical Education class.
    • The Athletic Director must verify that students have met all requirements for credit. 


    See your academic counselor to verify your status.