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    Eliud Kipchoge: What it takes to be great

    Ben Barrow's youtube channel - Ben Barrows is a coach for Pitt State in Kansas. He is basically me from an alternate universe. He has many of the same philosophies and ideas as I do about running, he uses Jack Daniel's running formula the same way I do, he uses many of the same drills and exercises as I do, and he is the source of the "easy speed" workouts that have become a staple of my program. Anyway, check out his channel for exercises, advice, analysis of training programs (which can help you understand why our training is structured the way it is), and sample workouts. He does a great job of not running too fast in his workouts (though he clearly could) emphasizing the importance of hitting the target paces, not exceeding them.

    Kenenisa Bekele - World record holder in the 5000m and 10,000m