Title IX Complaint

  • Any student who believes that he/she has been subjected to sexual harassment or who has witnessed sexual harassment is strongly encouraged to report the incident to his/her teacher, the principal, or any other available school employee. Within one school day of receiving such a report, the school employee shall forward the report to the principal or the District Title IX Coordinator.

    In addition, any school employee who observes an incident of sexual harassment involving a student shall, within one school day, report his/her observation to the principal or District’s Title IX Coordinator. The employee shall take these actions, whether or not the alleged victim files a complaint.

    When a report of sexual harassment is submitted, the principal or Title IX Coordinator shall inform the student or parent/guardian of the right to file a formal written complaint in accordance with the district’s uniform complaint procedures.

    If a formal complaint of sexual harassment is initially submitted to the principal, he/she shall within two days, forward the report to the Title IX Coordinator to initiate an investigation of the complaint. The compliance officer shall contact the complainant and investigate and resolve the complaint in accordance with law and district procedures.