Concurrent Enrollment

  • What is Concurrent Enrollment?

    Concurrent Enrollment describes the status of a student who is enrolled in a college while enrolled in a district school. The student takes the course before or after the regular district school day at the college campus, school site, affiliate site, or online, and earns credit for college and high school concurrently. The District High School determines the use of college units towards high school graduation credits and must be approved by the high school counselor/principal.

    When considering Concurrent Enrollment, students should understand that all coursework at any community college becomes part of their permanent academic history. Credit courses through colleges are COLLEGE courses and will remain on the student’s permanent record even if the secondary school uses the coursework as High School Credit. All coursework taken will appear on the college transcript for the student. Grades received or excessive drops may have implications for financial assistance, athletic eligibility, probation, etc.

    How do I Concurrently Enroll in a Course?

    Students must complete this institution request form and submit to their high school counselor who will help select classes that meet their educational needs. As well, students must complete each college form or online institution form that is available at each institution’s website or go directly to the college/institution website. Students must complete the enrollment form from that institution and bring to counseling office. Students will only be permitted to register for classes that their counselor approves. Each concurrent enrollment form must be signed by the high school principal and counselor and stamped with the high school’s official seal. High School Concurrent enrollment students must have the signature of a parent or guardian authorizing the student’s participation in the program.

    The student is responsible for requesting their official transcript from the college and submitting to counseling or registrar office at San Leandro High School or Lincoln High School for high school credit.

    In addition,

    • High School Concurrent enrollment students must take the Mathematics placement examination at the college if enrolling in courses where a specific mathematics proficiency level is advised or required per the institution’s guidelines.
    • Special part-time students may enroll in up to 11 units per semester session, full-time students may enroll in two classes per semester session.
    • High School Concurrent enrollment students will not be allowed to enroll in any physical education courses.

    Options for Concurrent Enrollment