Articulated Course

  • What is an Articulated Course?

    Articulated Courses are courses offered at the high school that are equivalent to a specific Community College course. The student can earn articulated credit if the student applies for that college after high school graduation. Upon course completion, the student receives high school credit only and then will receive that credit on college transcript once enrolled in that post-secondary school.

    Teachers of record of the high school course and the college course must renew their articulated course with each specific college annually or bi-annually depending on the college’s requirements.

    Articulated course offerings at San Leandro Unified School District are:

    Current Articulation

    • Auto Technology 1(SLHS)
    • Business Economics and Finance (ROP)
    • Business Computer Applications (SLHS)
    • Business Economics (ROP)
    • Business and Finance/Business Econ and Finance (ROP)
    • Careers in Education (ROP)
    • Criminal Justice/Forensic Sci. Avg. (ROP)
    • Cyber Security Computer Program (ROP)
    • College and Career (Lincoln/ SLHS)
    • Ethnic Studies (SLHS)
    • First Responder-Fire Science EMP
    • Marketing Economics (ROP)
    • Medical Careers 1(ROP)
    • Medical Career II (ROP)
    • Web Graphics (ROP)
    • Welding Technology (ROP)


    • Sports Medicine (SLHS)
    • Drama (SLHS)
    • Broadcasting (SLHS )
    • Graphic Design (SLHS)
    • Journalism (SLHS)
    • Web Design (SLHS)
    • Wood Technology (Laney - most likely not this year)
    • Product Design I (SLHS)
    • Product Design II (SLHS)
    • Product Design III (SLHS)