• Covid-19 Home Learning Plans (optional)

    Welcome families of Room 26!  I hope you are all well and keeping safe!  Before dismissal on Friday, I had the students that were in class that day bring home several textbooks, workbooks, and journals.  My panicked instructions were to NOT do anything that has not been taught.  

    In Math we just completed Module 5 Lesson 18.  I instructed students to turn to the back of their Math Textbooks to where the Exit Ticket pages were.  I instructed them to do 1-2 Exit Ticket pages from Lessons 1-18 daily.  It's not a lot of work and all Review.  It will probably take less than 30 minutes a day.

    Module 5 Sprints and Exit Tickets

    In ELA we just completed Unit 3 in McGraw Hill.  I instructed students to reread all the stories we read in the Unit.  Starting with Unit 3 Week 1.  Every week there will be 3 readings.  1 in the Reading Writing Workshop Book and 2 in the Literature Anthology.  There are pages in the Practice Books and Close Reading Companion Books that correspond to the readings that we did not do.  Please have students go back to these pages and complete what had not been completed.

    I believe all Clever Apps will be available to students from home. 

    I'll assign a RAZ Kids Book weekly as I always do starting tomorrow, Mar 17.  If you have access to a printer, I'll also have the RAZ Kid Packet available for you to download and print for your child on this site.

    I'll also assign a new Spelling List weekly on SpellingCity.  

    Compass Learning Reading and Language Arts

    NewsELA is another App I encourage students to go to for non-fiction reading.

    I sent home with students an extra 4 books from our Classroom Library to read on their own.  30 minutes a day would be great!

    For online Math, please have students continue on Zearn for 30 minutes a day.  Students love going on Prodigy.  It's a great incentive for them.

    I have also received some resources from the school/district intended for 4th grade for you to check out.  It looks like it was intended to be printed for each of the students.  If you have the means to do so, that might help, but it might be possible to go through the PDF and just write their answers in a notebook.

    That's it for now.  I'll keep you updated as much as I can.  Keep safe and I hope to see you all soon!

    Home Learning Plan

    Here's a Sample Daily Plan:





    Wake up -breathe, stretch, give thanks for the day

    Getting ready for your day!


    10 mins

    Daily Hygiene- brush teeth, wash hands and face, and if need be take a shower!

    Stay fresh and so clean!


    20 mins

    RAZ Kids

    Read the RAZ Kids book of the week for Comprehension and do a page of your Activity Packet if available.


    20 mins

    Spelling City

    Learn and practice spelling the words of the week.


    20 mins

    Other Reading Resources

    NewsELA, Compass Learning Reading and Language Arts

    Learn the latest news in NewsELA, continue practicing Comprehension Skills and Strategies...


    20 mins

    McGraw Hill Reading

    Review the stories we read in class for Unit 3.  Start with Week 1

    Mon - New Vocab and read the RWW story. Check the PB pages for work to do.

    Tues. and Wed.- Read the 1st Lit. Anthology Story. Check the CRC pages for work to do.

    Thurs. and Fri. - Read the 2nd Lit. Anthology Story. Check the CRC pages for work to do.


    30 mins


    Eat a healthy snack!  Drink some water! Exercise!


    10 mins

    Eureka Math

    Exit Ticket

    Do 1-2 pages starting with Lessons 1 and 2 found towards the end of the Math Textbook


    20 mins

    Zearn Math

    Students need a lot of catch-up time on this.  They need to be at Module 5 Lesson 18 and no further than that.


    30 mins

    Prodigy Math

    Math Incentive


    30 mins


    Eat a healthy snack!  Drink some water! Exercise!


    60 mins

     AR Reading Have students read their AR book of choice


    30 mins


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