Counseling Department

    SLHS Counseling Team

    ***During the school closure, please email your counselor if you have any questions.***

    To make a counseling appointment online, please submit a request form HERE.
    To contact the Counseling Office, Please call:  (510) 618-4600 ext. 2164.  Our fax number is (510) 895-1785.

    If you need to contact a counselor directly, please call (510) 606-4022 and the extension listed by their name.



     Office Hours


    Amy Olson

    Counseling Secretary

    Email:  Mrs. Olson

    Counseling Office

    M, F 8-4:00

    T,W,Th 8-3:30 

    CCC - Rm 400

    Tues and Wed 2:30-4:30




    Brenda Kitagawa

    AVID, 9th-12th grade

    Click to view Mrs. Kitagawa's Bio

    Email: Ms. Kitagawa 


    Counseling Office

     M, W, Th, F  7:55a-3:15p

    T 9:40a -3:30p  

    CCC - Rm 400

    Tues 3:30-5:00p 




    Wanda Armstrong

     9th-12th grade 

    Click to view Ms. Armstrong's Bio

    Email: Ms. Armstrong 

    Counseling Office

    T, W, Th, F  7:55-3:15

    M 9:40a -3:30p  

    CCC - Rm 400

    Mon. 3:30-5:00p 




    Nic Knudsen

    SLAM, 9th-12th 


    Email:  Mr. Knudsen 


    Counseling Office

    M,T, W, Th, F  7:55a -3:15p

    W 9:40a- 3:30p

     CCC-Rm 400

    Wed 3:30-5:00p





    Leena Yee

    SJA, ELL, 9th-12th

    Click to View Ms. Yee's Bio 

    Email: Ms. Yee 


     Counseling Office

     M, T,  Th, F  7:55a -3:15p

    Th 9:40a -3:30p  

    CCC - Rm 400

    Thurs 3:30-5:00p 




    Paula Vogt

    BA, ELL, 9th-12th Grade 

    Email: Ms. Vogt 

       Counseling Office

    M, T, W,  F  7:55a -3:15p

    W 9:45a -3:30p  

     CCC - Rm 400

    Wed 3:30-5:00p 




    Xia Kao

    9th- 12th Grade

    Email: Ms. Kao


    Counseling Office

    T, F 9:30a - 1:15p

    W, Th 9:30a - 3:15p





    Shaun Hale


    Lincoln, Lighthouse and Alternative Education Liaison

    Lincoln High School

    2600 Teagarden Street

    (510) 618-4460

    ext. 2676