Tardy Policy

  • 2015-2016 Tardy Policy


    • A tardy is defined as a student arriving late to class (within 10 minutes)
    • Students who arrive after 20 minutes are considered absent.
    • Thereare no excused or unexcused tardies – the system does not differentiate.
    • If a student has some legitimate reason for being late and the teacher does not want them to be “officially tardy”, the teacher should note the time/day they were late but not mark them tardy in AERIES.
    • Absences that are not cleared within 48 hours will be marked as an unexcused absent/cut.
    • All period cuts will be issued a site consequence.
    • Teachers should not keep a student after class and make them late to the next class. Teachers do not have to see notes from other teachers as “excused” tardies – it is at their discretion.
    • Teachers should discourage students out the first or last 10 minutes of class unless it is an emergency.  

    Consequences for Tardies/Cuts:

    • Tardy Policy:  The Tardy policy is based on progressive disciplinary measures.  Tardies will be managed individually by teachers and administratively by Assistant Principals when they become excessive. Each week an Assitant Principal will run a report and assign detention to all students who have four or more tardies and or cuts.
    • Tenth Tardy:  Will generate a formal letter to the parent/guardian and a referral to the school student attendance review team (SART) for further decisions on assistance, discipline, or disposition on the student
      • Every three tardies should equal a cut – three cuts, and the student’s participation grade for that class can be lowered to zero.  All period absences that are not cleared within 48 hours will result in a school detention.
      • Students who have more than 3 cuts (9 tardies) will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities for that semester (dances, sporting events, etc..).
    • All Tardies:  Per the individual teachers’s classroom management plan, the teacher will counsel the student,  contact the parent/guardian, assign teacher’s classroom detention. Every time a student is tardy they will receive a phone call home from the autodialer.

      School wide activities to support timeliness:

    • Warm ups at start of class to earn participation points
    • Golden Treasures
    • Tardy sweeps at start of one- two random periods every day
    • Perfect attendance/no tardy “incentives” – certificates, etc.


    • All teacher syllabi will define the participation grade and to state how much of the class grade is based on participation.