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    Our English department helps students develop a greater familiarity with different types of literature including drama, poetry, short stories, novels and nonfiction. Students learn to recognize the elements of plot, character, setting and theme. Writing as a process is developed while improving skills in fluency and correctness. Grammar skills are refined. 
    Elements of literary craft and style are studied and analyzed in depth. Preparation for college entrance examinations is included.

    Students receive an extensive survey of American Literature from the colonial period to the present. Emphasis is on literary analysis, composition, vocabulary building, public speaking, improving grammar and usage skills, and preparation for the SAT examinations.
    Extensive study of world literature from ancient Greek times through the 20th century examining poetry, drama, English literature and focuses on the novel. Literary analysis, expository writing, vocabulary development, and speaking skills are emphasized. Completion of a thesis paper is required to pass senior English.