• AP and Studio Art Summer Assignment

    AP and Studio Art Summer Work

    Please be advised that AP and Studio Art have a materials “donation” for your supplies.

    Be prepared to spend at least 5 hours a week on drawing, painting or photos, if you are in AP. Please, no cartooning or anime for the first 7 exercises.

    Sketchbook—if you don’t have a sketchbook you can go to any library and ask for discarded books, you can draw, paint, make collages, paste in photos… etc.

    Week one: draw something on your kitchen table… be extra aware of composition and shading.

    Week two: put a tee shirt on a hanger, or pajamas.. draw the fabric folds.. be aware of composition , and negative space

    Week three: research 3 artists that inspire you.. look at Art in America magazine, Artweek magazine, artbusiness.com ( San Francisco art openings) go to a museum, or gallery.

    Week four: draw part of a face by looking at a friend or family member—not a photo!

    Week five: draw someone in your house while they are watching tv or sleeping.

    Week six: Go exploring.. draw a landscape or cityscape.. take BART to another stop and draw from the platform, or go to a children’s playground, go to Casa Peralta or the Marina, or wherever you are exploring when you travel out of town..look for a horizon line and use perspective.

    Week seven: draw your hand 5 times, then, on a separate piece of paper put down a splash of light color paint and draw your hand overlapping it.

    Week 8 and 9 : One finished piece of art.. your best style and subject, no smaller than

    9x12 .. make it a very powerful piece, your choice of subject matter

    BRING ALL the first day of class!

    This may be your best class ever ( except for Hargrave) so get ready!!