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    High School and Transition Program A.P.E. Program
    The focus of the A.P.E. curriculum is to provide the students with the skills and knowledge that are needed to maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle.  With A.P.E., students become more confident, independent, develop positive social skills, and are able to learn specific skills which will allow them to adopt a physically healthy lifestyle.
     The curriculum provides the students with the opportunity to learn and practice a wide ragne of physical activities.  The includes: individual, dual, and team sports, physical fitness training, and dance.  The A.P.E. program was developed using the California Physical Education Content Standards Framework.
    Throughout the school year, the students are taught in two to four week long "sports units".  The skills which the students learn during the units are specific to the sport being taught.  They are individualized and develop their skill-set in a progression manner.  skills are initially taught in isolated drills, where the students can refine their form and technique previously learned.  Once this is demonstrated, they are then able to practice these skills is more dynamic environments such as "lead up games" and then actual games.  Rules, strategies, and sport concepts are taught to the students to futher develop their understanding of the sport.  In addition to sport skills, team sportmanship, and positive behavior are emphasized throughout each unit.    Cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength/endurance, and flexibility are examples of fitness that are being practiced.
    San Leandro High School
    Students will participate in daily A.P.E. class activities.
    Transition Students
    Students participate in weekly A.P.E. activities.
    So far this year, students are participating in:
    • Laps, Warm ups and cardiovasular activities
    • Weekly Track Days
    • Recreational games: SPUD, Bean Bag Relay
    • Social and Cooperation Games
    • Units: A variety of Sport (see Syllabus)