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    Independent Reading List
    AP English

    By Orwell, George, 1903-1950.
    Depicts life in a totalitarian regime of the future.

    Absalom, Absalom!
    By Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.
    A Harvard freshman pieces together the strange story of a southern tragedy involving an
    ambitious planter who settled in Mississippi in 1833.

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    By Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.
    Huck, escaping from his father, who had imprisoned him in a lonely cabin, meets Jim, a
    runaway slave, on Jackson's Island on the Mississippi River. Together they float down
    the Mississippi.

    Agamemnon : Being of the House of Atreus
    By Aeschylus.  Dewey: 882
    Presents the script of the classic Greek tragedy in which Agamemnon, having returned
    victorious from the war with Troy, is murdered by his jealous wife Clytemnestra who
    must now face the judgment of the people.

    The Age of Innocence
    By Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937.
    A portrayal of New York society in the 1870s where money counted for less than
    manners and morals.

    All My Sons
    By Miller, Arthur, 1915-  Dewey: 812
    Presents the text of the 1947 play about Joe Keller, a manufacturer of aircraft parts during
    World War II who allows faulty cylinder heads to be sold to the Army and when caught,
    blames his employee and neighbor, destroying many lives in the process.

    All Quiet on the Western Front
    By Remarque, Erich Maria, 1898-1970.
    Depicts the experiences of a group of young German soldiers fighting and suffering
    during the last days of World War I.

    All the King's Men
    By Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
    Willie Stark, a well-intentioned idealistic back-country lawyer is unable to resist greed
    for power and lust for politics during his rise and fall as an American demagogue.

    All the Pretty Horses
    By McCarthy, Cormac, 1933- The story of young John Grady Cole, the last of a long line
    of Texas ranchers, who, along with two companions, sets off on an idyllic, sometimes
    comic adventure, to a place where dreams are paid for in blood.

    The American
    By James, Henry, 1843-1916.
    Christopher Newman, a wealthy American, goes to Europe to enjoy his wealth and
    becomes engaged. Her family is against the engagement and has it annulled. Newman is
    confronted with a moral dilemma when the possibility of revenge presents itself.

    The American Dream ; and Zoo story : two plays
    By Albee, Edward, 1928-  Dewey: 812
    Contains two plays, "The American Dream" and "The Zoo Story," written by Pulitzer
    Prize-winning author Edward Albee.

    An American Tragedy
    By Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945.
    Presents the 1925 novel about Clyde Griffiths, an impoverished young man whose
    dreams of self-betterment lead him to commit a horrible murder, and includes a
    chronology and notes.

    Animal Farm
    By Orwell, George, 1903-1950.
    A political satire in which the animals take over running the farm but find their utopian
    state turning into a dictatorship.

    Anna Karenina
    By Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.
    In nineteenth-century Russia, the wife of an important government official loses her
    family and social status when she chooses the love of Count Vronsky over a passionless

    The Annunciation
    By Gilchrist, Ellen, 1935-
    Amanda McCamrey, engaged in a competition to translate the work of an obscure
    eighteenth-century poetess who committed suicide, develops a grand passion for an
    unsophisticated musician in an affair that has striking parallels to the life of the woman
    whose poems she is translating.

    Another Country
    By Baldwin, James, 1924-
    Rufus, a gifted African-American musician, Leona, the woman who loves him, his sister
    Ida, and her lover Vivaldo, struggle with issues of love, hate, gender, and racism in
    Greenwich Village, Harlem, France, and other locales in the early part of the twentieth

    By Sophocles.  Dewey: 882
    King Creon of Thebes refuses to allow the burial of his nephew, whom he has declared a
    traitor and whose sister, Antigone, is betrothed to Creon's son.

    As You Like It
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    Presents the complete text of Shakespeare's comedy of love and redemption in exile, and
    includes explanations of difficult words and passages, a plot synopsis, scene summaries,
    and character notes, as well as a brief biography of Shakespeare, and photographs from
    various performances.

    The Assistant
    By Malamud, Bernard.
    Frank, a troubled, somewhat desperate, Italian American, works long hours in the grocery
    store of a struggling Jewish family in a Brooklyn neighborhood where he develops a
    secret passion for his employer's attractive daughter.

    The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man
    By Johnson, James Weldon, 1871-1938.
    A novel narrated by an African-American man whose light skin enables him to pass for

    The Awakening
    By Chopin, Kate, 1851-1904.  Dewey: 813
    Edna Pontellier, a Victorian-era wife and mother, is awakened to the full force on her
    desire for love and freedom when she becomes enamored with Robert LeBrun, a young
    man she meets while on vacation.

    The Barretts of Wimpole Street
    By Besier, Rudolf, 1878-1942.  Dewey: 822
    A family chronicle based on two romances--that of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert
    Browning and that of her sister and a soldier.

    Bartleby ; and, Benito Cereno
    By Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.  Dewey: 813
    Presents the unabridged texts of two short stories by Herman Melville, including
    "Bartleby," a moral allegory set in the business world of mid-nineteenth-century New
    York; and "Benito Cereno," a parable of man's struggle against the forces of evil.

    The Beet Queen
    By Erdrich, Louise.
    In the early 1930s, Karl and his sister Mary Adare, arrive by boxcar in Argus, a small off-
    reservation town in North Dakota. Orphaned, they look to their mother's sister Fritzie and
    her husband for refuge.

    By Morrison, Toni .
    Sethe, an escaped slave who now lives in post-Civil War Ohio, has borne the unthinkable
    and works hard at "beating back the past." She struggles to keep Beloved, an intruder,
    from gaining possession of her present while throwing off the legacy of her past.

    A Bend in the River
    By Naipaul, V. S. (Vidiadhar Surajprasad),
    A young Indian flees his country to escape the war that has claimed his family and settles
    in a small town in a newly independent African nation.

    Billy Budd, Sailor
    By Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.
    A legal parable in which a handsome sailor becomes a victim of man's intransigence.

    The Birthday Party ; and the Room : two plays
    By Pinter, Harold, 1930-  Dewey: 822
    Presents two plays by Harold Pinter, including "The Birthday Party," in which a musician
    falls victim to the violence of two men from his sinister past; and "The Room," the story
    of a blind man who arrives at a derelict boarding house to deliver a mysterious message.

    Bleak House
    By Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
    Presents Dickens's 1853 novel which tells the story of several generations of the Jarndyce
    family who wait in vain to inherit money that is tied up in a legal dispute in England's
    notoriously slow moving Court of Chancery.

    Bless me, Ultima
    By Anaya, Rudolfo A.
    Six-year-old Antonio embarks upon a spiritual journey under the watchful guidance of
    Ultima, a healing woman, that leads him to question his faith and beliefs in family,
    religion, and other aspects of his Chicano culture.

    Blood Knot and other plays
    By Fugard, Athol.
    Presents three plays by South African playwright Athol Fugard, in which he explores
    close family relationships.

    The Bluest Eye
    By Morrison, Toni.
    An eleven-year-old African-American girl in Ohio, in the early 1940s, prays for her eyes
    to turn blue so that she will be beautiful.

    Brave New World
    By Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.
    A satirical novel about the utopia of the future, a world in which babies are decanted
    from bottles and the great Ford is worshipped.

    Brothers and Keepers
    By Wideman, John Edgar.
    The author examines his brother's life in comparison to his own and asks himself why
    they are so different, one a college professor, one sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Burger's Daughter
    By Gordimer, Nadine.
    The story of a young woman's evolving identity in the political environment of present-
    day South Africa.

    By Voltaire, 1694-1778.  Dewey: 843
    The story of a simple, optimistic man whose travels take him from one disaster to

    The Castle
    By Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924.
    Illustrates man's struggle against bureaucracy through the story of K, a land-surveyor
    who is obsessed with reaching the castle.

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
    By Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983.  Dewey: 812
    Presents the script of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play about a wealthy Southern family
    and the secrets that are revealed when they all gather to celebrate Big Daddy's birthday.

    By Heller, Joseph.
    A bombardier, based in Italy during World War II, repeatedly tries to avoid flying
    bombing missions while his colonel tries to get him killed by demanding that he fly more
    and more missions.

    The Catcher in the Rye
    By Salinger, J. D. (Jerome David), 1919-  Dewey: -Fic-
    An adolescent boy, knowing he is about to be dropped by his school, spends three days
    and nights in New York City.

    The Caucasian Chalk Circle
    By Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956.  Dewey: 832
    A retelling of the tale of King Soloman and a child claimed by two mothers that is set in
    the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia at the end of World War II.

    By Silko, Leslie, 1948-
    Follows Tayo, a young Native American, after his release from a veteran's hospital
    following World War II as he searches for meaning and sanity in his life.

    The Cherry Orchard
    By Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904.  Dewey: 891.72
    An aristocratic Russian family struggles to maintain their status in a changing world as
    they are faced with the prospect of selling the family estate to a land developer in order to
    pay off their debts.

    The Cocktail Party
    By Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965.  Dewey: 822
    Presents T. S. Eliot's 1950 verse morality play about the consequences of human choices,
    revolving around the infidelities of an English married couple.

    The Color Purple
    By Walker, Alice, 1944-
    Tells the story of two African-American sisters: Nettie, a missionary in Africa, and Celie,
    a child-wife living in the south, in the medium of their letters to each other and in Celie's
    case, the desperate letters she begins, "Dear God."

    Coming Through Slaughter
    By Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-
    A fictionalized story of jazz pioneer Buddy Bolden, a cornet player in turn-of-the-century
    New Orleans who cut hair by day, played music by night, and went mad at the age of

    A Confederacy of Dunces
    By Toole, John Kennedy, 1937-1969.
    Pulitzer Prize winning farce, set in New Orleans, telling about Ignatius J. Reilly and his
    various attempts at employment and one-man wars.

    The Corn is Green
    By Williams, Emlyn.  Dewey: 822
    Miss Moffat, a spinster who has started a school for boys in a Welsh mining town,
    determines to everything possible for Morgan Evans, a boy she believes shows great
    promise, but just when Morgan is on the verge of applying for Oxford, he becomes
    distracted by a flashy woman, and Miss Moffat realizes her interest in the young man has
    become too absorbing.

    The Counterlife
    By Roth, Philip.
    Stories of people enacting their dreams of renewal and escape, ranging from a quiet
    suburban New Jersey dentist to a genteel Englishwoman and an Israeli settlement leader.

    The Coup
    By Updike, John.
    The fictional leader of an imaginary African nation describes the repercussions of violent
    events that rock his country.

    Crime and Punishment
    By Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.  Dewey: 891.73
    Raskolnikov, a former Russian student, murders an old pawnbroker and her sister. The
    subsequent guilt with which he struggles results in a tragedy of tension and terror.

    Crossing to Safety
    By Stegner, Wallace Earle, 1909-
    Two American couples, one from the East and one from the West, form a fast and
    lifelong friendship during the mid-thirties of the Depression.

    The Crucible
    By Miller, Arthur, 1915-  Dewey: 812
    Presents Arthur Miller's play in which a vengeful teenager in 1692 Salem accuses her
    former lover and his wife of witchcraft. Includes an introduction.

    Cry, the Beloved Country
    By Paton, Alan.
    Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo travels to Johannesburg on an errand for a friend and to visit
    his son, Absalom, only to learn Absalom has been accused of murdering white city
    engineer and social activist Arthur Jarvis and stands very little chance of receiving mercy.

    Daisy Miller
    By James, Henry, 1843-1916.
    Classic novella about a captivating young American, Daisy Miller, whose behavior
    causes conflicting feelings in the mind of would-be suitor, Winterbourne.

    Dancing at Lughnasa
    By Friel, Brian. Presents the script of the play in which Michael, an illegitimate child
    raised by his mother and her four unmarried sisters, looks back on a summer in which the
    entire family structure was changed due to a series of events, including the women's
    acquisition of a radio and the arrival of his father.

    Daniel Martin
    By Fowles, John, 1926
    Hollywood screenwriter Daniel Martin, summoned home to England to visit a sick friend,
    is forced to confront his buried past, and begins a journey of self-discovery that leads him
    to a more satisfying existence.

    David Copperfield
    By Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
    A young boy in nineteenth-century London runs away from an unhappy home, finds
    employment in a wine factory, and becomes acquainted with a wide variety of characters
    in the city streets.

    The Day of Creation
    By Ballard, J. G., 1930-  Dewey: 823
    Dr. Mallory believes that he has found a third Nile that will transform the desolate Sahara
    region and sets out to find its source after he notices a trickle of water coming from a
    local airstrip.

    The Dead :
    By Joyce, James, 1882-1941
    A New Year's Eve gathering in Dublin is the setting of this masterpiece.  The protagonist
    offers a perspective on the lives, dreams, and feelings of the party's guests.

    Death of a Salesman
    By Miller, Arthur, 1915-
    Presents the script of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play in which Willy Loman, a sixty-
    three-year-old traveling salesman, is forced to face the reality he has avoided all his life.

    The Death of Ivan Ilych and Other Stories
    By Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.
    Contains the title story in which the life of a peaceful public official is permanently
    changed by a mysterious illness, and includes "Family Happiness," "The Kreutzer
    Sonata," and "Master and Man," also by the ninteenth-century Russian author.

    Delta Wedding
    By Welty, Eudora, 1909-
    A portrait of a large Southern family living on their plantation in the Mississippi delta
    land in 1923.

    Dessa Rose
    By Williams, Sherley Anne, 1944- Based on the life events of two historical characters in
    the nineteenth century, two women, one black and one white confront their time.

    Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
    By Tyler, Anne.
    Pearl Tull's children return to their home to watch their mother die, and while they are
    there, they are forced to deal with the issues they have with their mother before it is too

    The Diviners
    By Laurence, Margaret.
    Morag Gunn spends her entire life trying to escape her roots and adoptive parents in the
    small Canadian town of Manawaka, becoming trapped in a demeaning marriage, and then
    unwed parenthood, only to find herself back where she started, and dealing with a
    daughter who is, in turn, rejecting her.

    A Doll's House
    By Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906. Presents the script of the late nineteenth-century play about
    Nora, a woman whose husband expects her to be his petted little songbird, but who is in
    truth hiding a deceptive secret.

    Don Quixote de la Mancha
    By Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616.
    The epic tale of an eccentric country gentleman and his companion who set out as a
    knight and squire of old to right wrongs and punish evil in sixteenth-century Spain.

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    By Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894.
    A respected London doctor invents a formula which turns him into an evil and ugly
    person who stalks the streets at night killing people, and by the time his friends discover
    his secret, it is too late.

    Edward Albee's the Zoo story and the Sandbox.
    By Albee, Edward, 1928-
    Contains the scripts for two plays by Edward Albee, including "The Zoo Story," about a
    young vagrant who is starved for company; and "The Sandbox," in which a group of
    seemingly unrelated people reveal their connections.

    By Sophocles
    Translates Sophocles' tragedy in which Electra, daughter of Greek warrior Agamemnon
    and his murderous wife Clytemnestra, yearns for her brother Orestes to avenge their
    father's death by killing their mother.

    By Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.
    A novel of Regency England that centers upon a self-assured young lady who is
    determined to arrange her life and the lives of those around her into a pattern dictated by
    her romantic fancy.

    The Emperor Jones,"Anna Christie," The Hairy Ape
    By O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-1953.  Dewey: 812
    Contains three plays about ordinary people-- an outcast prostitute in "Anna Christie," a
    Pullman porter in "The Emperor Jones," and a coal stoker in "The Hairy Ape."

    Endgame : a play in one act
    By Beckett, Samuel, 1906-  Dewey: 842
    Contains the text to two of Nobel Prize-winning author Samuel Beckett's greatest works,
    a single-act play and a single-person mime sketch.

    An Enemy of the People ; The Wild Duck ; Rosmersholm
    By Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906.  Dewey: 839.8
    Contains translations of three plays by nineteenth-century Norwegian playwright Henrik
    Ibsen, each of which is concerned with the problem of telling the truth.

    By Shaffer, Peter, 1926-  Dewey: 822
    A psychiatrist's probings into the mind of a young man who has blinded six horses with a
    spike, leaves him questioning his own purpose and the work he is doing.

    Ethan Frome
    By Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937.
    A grim tale of retribution involving a discouraged New England farmer, his
    hypochondriac wife, and a girl who still finds some joy in living.

    Eugenie Grandet
    By Balzac, Honore de, 1799-1850. In a French provincial town in the early nineteenth
    century, a miser obsessed with building a fortune for his daughter's future ruins her
    chances at love and joy in her youth.

    The Eumenides, or, The Reconciliation
    By Aeschylus.  Dewey: 882
    In the third work in Aeschylus' "Oresteia" trilogy, Apollo decrees that Orestes shall stand
    trial before Athena.

    Excellent Women
    By Pym, Barbara.
    A comic novel about Mildred Lathbury, a clergyman's spinster daughter in 1950s
    England who has a tendency to get involved in other people's lives.

    By Cheever, John
    In the prison Falconer, a convict named Farragut struggles to maintain his identity and a
    grasp of reality in a surreal world.

    Falling in Place
    By Beattie, Ann
    An unsettling novel that traces the members of one family from a hidden love triangle to
    the ten-year-old son whose problem may pull everyone down.

    A Farewell to Arms
    By Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961. An American ambulance officer serving on the
    Austro-Italian front deserts to join an English nurse after the retreat of Caporetto.

    The Father : a Tragedy in Three Acts ; and, A Dream Play
    By Strindberg, August, 1849-1912.  Dewey: 839.72
    Presents the texts of two plays by nineteenth-century Swedish playwright August
    Strindberg, including "The Father," and "A Dream Play."

    Father Melancholy's Daughter
    By Godwin, Gail.
    Abandoned by her mother at six, a young girl becomes used to putting her needs after her
    clergyman father.

    Fathers and Sons
    By Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883.
    In three parts, first, the text of the novel which portrays a new type of hero, a "nihilist,"
    who would represent the values of the younger generation, revealing the full breadth of
    19th century Russia, second, a selection of Turgenev's letters, and third, sixteen critical
    essays on the novel.

    Faust --  Part one and part two
    By Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832.  Dewey: 832
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's eighteenth-century epic play about the struggles of a man
    who strives to take advantage of everything life offers.

    By Wilson, August.  Dewey: 812
    Troy Maxson, a strong, hard man who has learned how to be Black and proud in the
    1950s, finds the changing spirit of the 1960s hard to deal with.

    A Few Green Leaves
    By Pym, Barbara
    A compelling portrait of a town that seems to be forgotten by time, but which is
    unmistakably affected by it. Romance shares the pages with death in this engaging novel
    that is the culmination of Barbara Pym's acclaimed writing career.

    Fifth Business
    By Davies, Robertson, 1913- The first novel of the Deptford Trilogy which centers
    around the mystery of who killed Boy Staunton.

    The Forsyte Saga
    By Galsworthy, John, 1867-1933.
    Chronicles the struggles and relationships of the wealthy Forsyte family in nineteenth-
    and twentieth-century England.

    Four Plays by Aristophanes : The Clouds ; The Birds ; Lysistrata ; The Frogs
    By Aristophanes.  Dewey: 882.01

    By Shelley, Mary
    A timeless, terrifying tale of one man's obsession to create life -- and the monster that
    became his legacy.

    The French Lieutenant's Woman
    By Fowles, John, 1926-
    A love story set at Lyme Regis, England in the 19th century. Charles Smithson, a young
    gentleman of traditional values, is engaged to a wealthy girl. His destiny is haunted by
    the independent and poor Sarah Woodruff.

    By Aristophanes.  Dewey: 882
    Ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes' work in which Dionysus travels to Hades in an
    effort to bring Euripdes, his favorite poet, back to life--but finds him in competition with
    Aeschylus to be the cleverest poet in hell.

    A Gathering of Old Men
    By Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-
    When Beau Boutan, a Cajun farmer, is found shot on a Louisiana plantation, the
    claimants to the killing form a wall of protection around the real murderer.

    Ghosts : a Family Drama in Three Acts
    By Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906.  Dewey: 839.82
    Contains two plays: "Ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen and "Miss Julia" by August Strindberg.

    The Glass Menagerie
    By Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983.  Dewey: 812
    Amanda, a faded southern belle, abandoned wife, and dominating mother, hopes to match
    her daughter Laura with an eligible "gentleman caller" while her son Tom supports the
    family. Laura, lame and painfully shy, evades her mother's schemes and reality by
    retreating to the make-believe world of her glass animal collection. Tom eventually
    leaves home to become a writer but is forever haunted by the memory of Laura.

    Go Tell it on the Mountain
    By Baldwin, James.
    Describes a day in the life of several members of a Harlem fundamentalist church. The
    saga of three generations of people is related through flashbacks.

    Going After Cacciato
    By O'Brien, Tim, 1946-
    An American soldier in Vietnam decides to leave the war and simply walks out of the
    jungle, with the intent of going to Paris.

    The Good Soldier : a Tale of Passion
    By Ford, Ford Madox, 1873-1939
    American John Dowell tries to understand the complex intrigues and passions behind the
    orderly Edwardian facade of the relationship he and his wife nurtured with English
    couple, Captain and Leonora Ashburnham.

    The Good Woman of Setzuan
    By Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956.  Dewey: 832
    Presents an English translation of German playwright Bertolt Brecht's "The Good
    Woman of Setzuan" a drama about a young woman in pre-Communist China who is torn
    between her own wants and needs, and obligation and practicality.

    The Grapes of Wrath
    By Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.
    John Steinbeck's classic novel about an Oklahoma farm family driven from their home
    and forced to travel to California during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

    Great Expectations
    By Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
    Contains the complete text of the 1860 novel about Pip, an orphan in Victorian England
    who is plucked from a life of poverty and informed he is to be educated and reared as a
    gentleman; and includes a critical introduction and a chronology.

    The Great Gatsby
    By Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.  Dewey: 813
    The tragic story of the wealthy Jay Gatsby and his attempt to win back the love of Daisy

    The Green Pastures
    By Connelly, Marc, 1890
    A fantasy of biblical history presented in terms of the religious life of Southern blacks; it
    was based on Roark Bradford's book Ol' Man Adam an' His Chillun.

    Gulliver's Travels
    By Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745.  Dewey: -Fic-
    An Englishman's voyages carry him to Lilliput, a land of people six inches high, and to
    Brobdingnag, a land of giants.

    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    This is "The Tragical History of Hamlet Prince of Denmark" and his family and friends.

    The Handmaid's Tale
    By Atwood, Margaret Eleanor, 1939-  Dewey: 813
    Set in the near future, America has become a puritanical theocracy and Offred tells her
    story as a Handmaid under the new social order.

    Happy All the Time
    By Colwin, Laurie.
    Cousins and best friends Guido and Vincent meet the women of their dreams, Holly and
    Misty, and the two couples embark on a search for lifelong love and friendship.

    Hard Times
    By Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
    Contains the complete text of the nineteenth-century tale of redemption in a northern
    English town beset by industrialism, and includes a critical introduction and chronology.

    Heart of Darkness
    By Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924.
    Marlow comes face to face with the corruption and despair that lies at the heart of human
    existence when he undertakes a journey on behalf of a Belgian trading company up the
    Congo River in search of the tormented white ivory trader, Kurtz.

    The Heart of the Matter
    By Greene, Graham, 1904-
    Scobie, an assistant police commissioner in World War II West Africa, known for his
    high principles and devotion to family and duty, experiences a crisis of character and
    faith when he falls in love with a nineteen-year-old widow.

    Hedda Gabler
    By Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906.  Dewey: 839.82
    Hedda Gabler, a woman who has married beneath herself, becomes trapped in a prison of
    her own making when she tries to advance her husband's career by driving his competitor
    to suicide.

    Henry V
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    The newly crowned King Henry, fully reformed from his days as wild Prince Hal, faces
    the challenge of war against the French, and includes explanations of difficult words and
    passages, a plot synopsis, scene summaries, character notes, and study questions and

    The Homecoming
    By Pinter, Harold, 1930-  Dewey: 822
    A family of men live together in a seedy house in North London. Into this slightly sinister
    atmosphere the eldest son brings his wife Ruth for a visit.

    The Hound of the Baskervilles
    By Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930.  Dewey: -Fic-
    Presents the classic mystery novel in which legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and his
    assistant Dr. Watson are called to investigate the case of a family in Devonshire living
    under the curse of a spectral hound.

    House Made of Dawn
    By Momaday, N. Scott, 1934-
    Abel, a young American Indian home from a foreign war, finds himself torn between his
    father's world on the reservation and the lure of industrial America.

    The House of Bernarda Alba
    By Garcia Lorca, Federico, 1898-1936.  Dewey: 862
    Tyrannical matriarch Bernarda Alba, having just buried her second husband, declares an
    eight-year period of mourning, not knowing that each of her five daughters harbors a
    secret passion for Pepe el Romano, the handsomest man in the village, who is engaged to
    Bernarda's oldest daughter, and having an affair with her youngest.

    The House of the Seven Gables
    By Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864.
    Follows the Pyncheon family who lived for generations under a dead man's curse until his
    death restored their house.

    The House of the Spirits
    By Allende, Isabel.
    Presents a novel set in an unnamed Latin American country and describes the struggles,
    passions, and secrets of the Trueba family that spans three generations.

    The Iliad ; The Odyssey
    By Homer.  Dewey: 883
    Presents modern-verse translations of Homer's classic epic of the Trojan War and his
    adventure story chronicling Odysseus's journey home.

    The Importance of Being Earnest
    By Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.  Dewey: 822
    Jack Worthing creates a fictitious brother Earnest who lives in London to escape his dull
    country routine, but finds the lie backfiring when he falls in love.

    In the Lake of the Woods
    By O'Brien, Tim
    A politician's career is ruined overnight by revelations of his wartime participation in a
    village massacre in Vietnam while his personal life is undone by the sudden
    dissappearance of his wife.

    Inherit the Wind
    By Lawrence, Jerome, 1915-  Dewey: 812
    Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee's 1951 play based on the Scopes Trial in Dayton,
    Tennessee, July 1925, which opened the debate over the teaching of creationism and
    Invisible Man
    By Ellison, Ralph.
    In the course of his wanderings from a Southern college to New York's Harlem, an
    African-American man becomes involved in a series of adventures.

     Jane Eyre
    By Bronte, Charlotte, 1816-1855. When a penniless governess falls in love with the
    brooding master of Thornfield, she is unaware of the tragic events that will follow.

    By Mukherjee, Bharati.
    At seventeen, Jasmine is a widow in a small village in India where she was born. Just a
    few years later, she is Jane Ripplemeyer, happily pregnant by a middle-aged Iowa banker
    and adoptive mother of a Vietnamese refugee.

    Joe Turner's Come and Gone
    By Wilson, August.  Dewey: 812
    When Herald Loomis arrives at an African-American Pittsburgh boardinghouse, after
    seven years' impressed labor on Joe Turner's chain gang, he is a free man--in body.

    The Joy Luck Club
    By Tan, Amy
    In 1949 four Chinese women began meeting in San Francisco to play mah jong. They
    called their gathering the Joy Luck Club. Forty years later they look back and remember.

    Jude the Obscure
    By Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928.
    Jude Fawley, an impoverished stonemason, aspires to the ministry and fails to fulfill the
    opposite expectations of the two women he loves in Victorian society.

    Julius Caesar
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    Shakespeare’s magnificent play about political intrigue and the meaning of leadership.

    King Lear
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    The compelling story of a king and his three daughters, two who are evil and one who is

    The Kitchen God's Wife
    By Tan, Amy.
    Winnie and Helen have kept each other's worst secrets for more than fifty years, but now
    that she believes she is dying, Helen wants to expose everything.

    Lady Oracle
    By Atwood, Margaret Eleanor, 1939-
    When all the secrets of her life are about to be exposed, a young woman plans her own
    "accidental death."

    Lake Wobegon Days
    By Keillor, Garrison.
    Recalls the early history of Lake Wobegon and many of its memorable characters and
    places first met on "A Prairie Home Companion" radio program.

    A Late Divorce
    By Yehoshua, Abraham B.
    A family faces the divorce of its no longer-young parents. Each family member narrates
    part of the story.

    A Lesson Before Dying
    By Gaines, Ernest J., 1933
    Tells the story of a young African-American man sentenced to death for a murder he did
    not commit, and a teacher who tries to impart to him his learning and pride before the

    Light in August
    By Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.
    Joe Christmas, who appears to be white but is part African-American, kills Joanna
    Burden, a spinster with whom he has had an affair. He is captured, castrated, and killed
    by outraged townspeople.

    The Little Foxes
    By Hellman, Lillian, 1906-  Dewey: 812
    Brothers Oscar and Ben Hubbard steal money from their ailing brother-in-law in order to
    fund a cotton mill, only to be caught by their sister Regina who demands they give her a
    seventy-five percent share of the business in exchange for keeping them out of prison.

    Long Day's Journey into Night
    By O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-1953.  Dewey: 812
    Depicts the struggles of the Tyrone family as they face drug addiction, alcohol abuse,
    tuberculosis, and lost dreams in this semi-autobiographical play.

    Look Back in Anger
    By Osborne, John, 1929-  Dewey: 822
    An English play about Jimmy Porter, a man sadly out of synch with his times, and the
    women who love him.

    Lord Jim
    By Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924
    A man who has been branded a coward earns the respect of the Malay people.

    Lord of the Flies
    By Golding, William, 1911-
    After a plane crash strands them on a tropical island while the rest of the world is ravaged
    by war, a group of British schoolboys attempts to form a civilized society but descends
    into brutal anarchy.

    Love Letters, and two Other Plays, The Golden Age and What I Did Last Summer
    By Gurney, A. R. (Albert Ramsdell), 1930-
    A two-person play by A.R. Gurney about two people who grow up in tune with each
    other's written words.

    Love Medicine
    By Erdrich, Louise.
    Presents the story of the Kashpaws and the Lamartines, two extended families who live
    on and around a Chippewa reservation in North Dakota and of Lipsha Morrissey, a young
    man who attempts to bring his wandering grandfather back to his long-suffering
    grandmother with a love medicine made from goosehearts.

    The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Other Poems
    By Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965.  Dewey: 821
    A collection of poems composed by Nobel Prize-winning writer T.S. Eliot between 1909
    and 1935.

    The Loved One
    By Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-1966.
    Mr. Joyboy, an embalmer, and Aimee Thanatogenos, crematorium cosmetician, find their
    romance complicated by the appearance of a young English poet.

    By Aristophanes.  Dewey: 882
    Classic comedy (5th century BC) concerns the vow of Greek women to withhold sex
    from their husbands until the men agree to end the disastrous wars between Athens and
    Sparta. Exuberant battle of the sexes with underlying anti-war theme.

    M. Butterfly
    By Hwang, David Henry, 1957-  Dewey: 812
    Presents the text of the 1988 Tony Award-winning play in which diplomat Rene
    Gallimard, a captive of the French government, relives his twenty-year affair with a
    beautiful, elusive Chinese actress who turned out to be not only a spy, but a man in
    disguise, and includes comments by the author.

    By Shakespeare  Dewey: 822
    Classic tale of ambition, murder and retribution.

    Madame Bovary
    By Flaubert, Gustave, 1821-1880.
    Emma Bovary, the wife of a provincial doctor, seeks to escape her boredom by indulging
    in romantic fantasies and adulterous affairs.

    Main Street
    By Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951.
    A young woman has difficulty adjusting to life in a small town in Minnesota.

    Major Barbara
    By Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.  Dewey: 822
    A play with the theme of societal salvation and salvation of the human soul brought out
    in characters representing the rich versus the poor.

    A Man for All Seasons
    By Bolt, Robert.  Dewey: 822
    A play based on the historical relationship between Henry VIII and Thomas More whom
    he appointed Bishop of Canterbury.

    Man's Fate
    By Malraux, Andre, 1901-1976
    English translation of a 1933 French novel telling of a crucial episode in the opening days
    of the Chinese Revolution.

    The Master Builder
    By Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906.  Dewey: 839.8
    Presents the script of Henrik Ibsen's "The Master Builder," a play about the anguish of
    architect Halvard Solness.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge
    Michael Henchard, an unemployed farmhand, gets drunk and sells his wife and baby
    daughter, and nineteen years later, when he is the Mayor of Casterbridge, his past is
    brought back to haunt him, when they return, and his success is undone.

    By Euripides.  Dewey: 882
    Medea, betrayed by her husband and banished from her home, plots insane and violent

    The Member of the Wedding
    By McCullers, Carson, 1917-1967.
    A story of black and white in the American South with Berenice Sadie Brown, a black
    cook who mothers the motherless Frankie Addams, a lonely over-imaginative Georgia

    The Merchant of Venice
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    Presents Shakespeare's comedy about a creditor demanding a pound of flesh in payment
    for a defaulted debt and a lover who must choose among three caskets in a riddle game to
    win the hand of a wealthy lady. Includes an introduction, notes, critical commentaries, a
    performance history of the play, and other reference materials.

    The Metamorphosis By Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924.
    A young man wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a giant beetle-like
    insect. He becomes an object of disgrace to his family and an alienated man.

    By Eliot, George, 1819-1880.  Dewey: 823.8
    The lives of three people in a nineteenth-century provincial community become entwined
    as crusader Dorothea Brooke is prevented from being with the man she loves, the
    idealistic Dr. Lydgate succumbs to materialism, and religious hypocrite Bulstrode tries to
    hide his past crimes.

    A Midsummer Night's Dream
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    Midsummer Night's Dream is the bards most fantasical play in the true sense of the word.
    The language is absolutely beautiful and the plot is so creative and wonderful. This is a
    play that can be enjoyed over and over again for a lifetime. In some respects this is the
    perfect play to introduce young people to Shakespeare and hopefully inspire a lifelong
    love of his work.

    The Mill on the Floss
    By Eliot, George, 1819-1880.
    Young Maggie Tulliver's loyalty to her beloved older brother, Tom, and to the rest of her
    family, is tragically tested when she falls in love with the son of her father's bitterest

    The Misanthrope
    By Moliere, 1622-1673.
    Alceste is against duplicity and false flattery, but the woman he loves, Celimene, is the
    embodiment of all that he abhors which makes this a comedy of manners.

    Miss Julie
    By Strindberg, August, 1849-1912.  Dewey: 839.72
    A 1994 translation of the 1888 drama by Swedish author August Strindberg, about the
    sad affair of young countess Julie and her servant, Jean.

    By Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.
    Captain Ahab's determination to find and kill the great white whale becomes an obsession
    driving him to disaster.

    Moll Flanders
    By Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731.
    Follows the heroine's adventures from seventeenth-century England to the American

    Monkey Bridge
    By Cao, Lan.
    Mai Nguyen, a young Vietnamese girl, immigrates to America after the end of the
    Vietnam War and moves into a Vietnamese community in Virginia where she is reunited
    with her mother and learns about her family's dark past.

    Moon Palace
    By Auster, Paul, 1947-
    In August 1969, Marco Fogg, a young New Yorker, finds himself homeless and then
    embarks on a journey of self-discovery when he becomes a live-in aide for an elderly
    invalid and begins writing the man's life story.

    More Die of Heartbreak
    By Bellow, Saul.
    Kenneth leaves his native Paris and moves to the Midwest to be near his beloved uncle,
    Ben Crader, a world-class botanist, and together they toil through the morass of life and

    Mother Courage and Her Children
    By Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956.
    Chronicles Mother Courage as she trails the armies back and forth across Europe selling
    provisions and liquor from her canteen wagon during the thirty years war.

    Mrs. Dalloway
    By Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941. Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway, occupied with the last-minute
    details of party preparation, finds her thoughts on a very different route through the past.

    Mrs. Warren's Profession
    By Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.  Dewey: 822
    George Bernard Shaw's classic play about an unapologetic prostitute's reaction to her
    daughter finding out about her questionable lifestyle. Includes Shaw's 1902 apology.

    Murder in the Cathedral
    By Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965.  Dewey: 812
    A drama of the conflict between church and state in 12th century England culminates in
    the murder of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral.

    Native Son
    By Wright, Richard, 1908-1960.
    Trapped in the poverty-stricken ghetto of Chicago's South Side, a young African-
    American man finds release only in acts of violence.

    Native Speaker
    By Lee, Chang-rae.
    Henry Park is a Korean American private investigator who, in the course of spying on a
    New York City politician, comes to terms with his own sense of identity, family, and

    'Night, Mother
    By Norman, Marsha.  Dewey: 812
    Provides the text of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about Jessie Cates, a divorced
    woman whose life is stale and unprofitable, and the helpless desperation experienced by
    her mother when Jessie calmly announces her intention to commit suicide.

    No Exit
    By Sartre, Jean Paul, 1905-  Dewey: 842
    Four plays written by the French existentialist philosopher and writer addressing such
    topics as hell, racism, and conduct of life.

    No-no Boy
    By Okada, John.
    After World War II Ichiro returns home to Seattle after four years--two spent in a
    Japanese internment camp, and two in prison for refusing to fight in the U.S. Army, and
    finds himself rejected by still-frightened whites, as well as his own people.

    Notes from Underground
    By Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.
    The passionate confessions of a suffering man who identifies himself as sick and spiteful.

    By Kogawa, Joy.
    Naomi Nakane, a child of Japanese immigrant parents, is interned by the Canadians at the
    beginning of World War II when she is five years old.

    Oedipus the King
    By Sophocles.  Dewey: 882
    Presents the text of the play by Sophocles in which a king prophesied to kill his father
    and marry his mother, and includes background information, time line of events,
    explanatory notes, and a list of recommended related books.

    Of Mice and Men
    By Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968
    Sustained by the hope of someday owning a farm of their own, two migrant laborers
    arrive to work on a ranch in central California.

    Oliver Twist
    By Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870
    In nineteenth-century England, a young orphan boy lives in the squalid surroundings of a
    workhouse until he becomes involved with a gang of thieves.

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    By Kesey, Ken.
    A rebel named Randle Patrick McMurphy is committed to a mental ward and challenges
    the authority of its dictatorial head nurse. Includes line drawings by the author.

    One Hundred Years of Solitude
    By Garcia Marquez, Gabriel, 1928
    The rise and fall, birth and death of the mythical town of Macondo through the history of
    the Buendia family.

    By Aeschylus.  Dewey: 883
    Traces the chain of murder and revenge within the royal house of Artreus, and includes
    an introduction and notes.

    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    Iago, jealous that he has been passed over for a promotion, plots revenge against Othello,
    a general in service of Venice, with tragic results.

    Our Mutual Friend
    By Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
    Presents Charles Dickens's novel in which young John Harmon, supposedly murdered on
    his way to London to claim his inheritance, takes a job under an assumed name and spies
    on the people who are trying to secure his late father's fortune; and includes an
    introduction and explanatory notes.

    Our Town
    By Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975.  Dewey: 812
    Portrays life in Grover's Corner, New Hampshire, in the early 1900's through the routine
    daily events and the major moments in the lives of George Gibbs, Emily Webb, and their
    families; and how their lives, although mundane, are touched by the universal forces of
    love, despair, apathy, nature, and death.

    Pale Fire
    By Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977.
    Charles Kinbote tells the story of his life while analyzing a poem by his deceased friend,
    John Shade.

    Pamela, or, Virtue Rewarded
    By Richardson, Samuel, 1689-1761.
    An novel about a teenage servant in eighteenth-century England who tries desperately to
    keep her virtue as her master tirelessly attempts to despoil her.

    Paradise Lost
    By Milton, John, 1608-1674.  Dewey: 821
    Contains the text of John Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost" which deals with the
    original sin of Adam and Eve and their temptation by the devil.

    A Passage to India
    By Forster, E. M. (Edward Morgan), 1879-1970.
    The story about the clash between Eastern and Western cultures during British rule in

    Pere Goriot
    By Balzac, Honore de, 1799-1850
    Presents an English translation of a French novel by early nineteenth-century author
    Honore Balzac in which Pere Goirot, a man who has risen from laborer to prosperous
    merchant, is rejected by his daughters and his community when his fortune wanes.

    By Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.
    Anne Elliot, persuaded by family and friends that the charming and handsome Frederick
    Wentworth is not worthy of her regard, questions her decision to send him away until he
    returns seven years later, his circumstances much improved.

    By Shaffer, Peter, 1926-  Dewey: 822
    Presents the text of the play "Amadeus," based upon the life of eighteenth-century
    composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    By Racine, Jean, 1639-1699.  Dewey: 842
    An English verse translation of the myth of Phedre, the story of the dying queen's
    obsessive love for her stepson, Hippolytus.

    The Piano Lesson
    By Wilson, August.  Dewey: 812
    Dramatizes the struggles of an African-American family as they consider selling a prized
    possession, an ornate upright piano, in order to buy the tract of land upon which they
    were once enslaved.

    The Picture of Dorian Gray
    By Wilde, Oscar
    Story about a youth of exceptional beauty who gets his wish to remain untouched by the
    passage of time when it is arranged that his portrait will age in his place.

    The Plague
    By Camus, Albert, 1913-1960.
    A coastal city in Algeria is struck by bubonic plague and is shut off from the world for

    By Villarreal, Jose Antonio. During the Depression-era in California, Richard, a young
    Mexican American, experiences a conflict between loyalty to the traditions of his family's
    past and attraction to new ideas.

    The Portrait of a Lady
    By James, Henry, 1843-1916.
    Henry James's 1881 novel, which follows young American Isabel Archer from innocence
    to unhappy marriage.

    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
    By Joyce, James, 1882-1941
    An autobiographical novel depicting the childhood, adolescence, and early manhood of
    Stephen Dedalus.

    Praisesong for the Widow
    By Marshall, Paule, 1929-
    Avey Johnson, a black, middle-class widow, experiences some almost supernatural
    incidents while on a cruise and is driven to a rediscovery and reassessment of her origins.

    Pride and Prejudice
    By Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.
    Presents Jane Austen's 1813 novel about the fervent attempts of a gentlewoman to find
    husbands for her five daughters, which lead to the questionable pairing of the prejudiced
    Elizabeth with the proud Mr. Darcy.

    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
    By Spark, Muriel.  Dewey:
    A teacher at a girls' school in Edinburgh, Scotland, Miss Jean Brodie was a woman of
    ideas, wit, and charm who had a lover. The students she chose as her special friends were
    called the "Brodie set." One of them would betray her.

    By Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.  Dewey: 822
    Presents the text to George Bernard Shaw's classic play "Pygmalion" about a professor of
    languages who sets out to transform a Cockney girl into a sophisticated lady, and
    contains explanatory and textual notes, chronology and background information on the
    author, and a critical analysis of Shaw's work.

    Rabbit is Rich
    By Updike, John
    Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom's comfortable new prosperity is threatened by the return of his
    son, and reminders of a former romance.


    By Doctorow, E. L., 1931- The lives of three remarkable families become entwined with Henry Ford, Harry
    Houdini, J.P. Morgan, Theodore Dreiser, Sigmund Freud, and Emiliano Zapata at the turn
    of the century.

    The Rainbow
    By Lawrence, D. H. (David Herbert), 1885-1930
    The story of three generations of a Nottingham family whose love affairs move backward
    and forward across the years.

    A Raisin in the Sun
    By Hansberry, Lorraine, 1930-1965.  Dewey: 812
    A three-act play concerned with the tensions in a middle- class African American family
    living on Chicago's Southside in the 1950s.

    The Real Thing
    By Stoppard, Tom.  Dewey: 822
    Life imitates art when Charlotte, an actress appearing in a play about a faltering marriage
    written by her husband Henry, learns that Henry is having an affair with the wife of her
    co-star, Max.

    Red and Black
    By Stendhal, 1783-1842.  Dewey: 843
    Presents a contemporary colloquial English translation of the nineteenth-century novel
    based on the 1827 trial of Antoine Berthet, a young man whose dismay over being denied
    entry into the seminary led him to murder; and includes background and sources, and a
    sampling of critical commentaries.

    By Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.
    Young Wellingborough Redburn's pastoral innocence is vanquished forever after he
    experiences the bullying and brutality of life aboard a packet ship, and is introduced to
    the squalor of nineteenth-century London and Liverpool.

    The Remains of the Day
    By Ishiguro, Kazuo, 1954-
    The life of Stevens, an aging English butler, changes after three decades of service to the
    same man.

    The Return of the Native
    By Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928.
    Clym Yeobright, tired of Paris city life, returns to Egdon Heath to open a school. There
    he marries a pleasure-loving girl and tragedy follows.

    By Ionesco, Eugene.  Dewey: 842
    A collection of three modern plays by the master of the absurd and member of the French

    Riddley Walker
    By Hoban, Russell.
    Follows the adventures of Riddley Walker, a rebel, artist, and agent of change in post
    nuclear-holocaust England.

    Romeo and Juliet
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    Presents Shakespeare's play of tragic love between Romeo and Juliet, adapted to make
    the themes, plot, and characters more understandable; and includes scene summaries, as
    well as background to the story and the times in which it was written.

    Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead
    By Stoppard, Tom.  Dewey: 822
    Presents the play of Hamlet as seen through the eyes of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

    Sabbatical : a Romance
    By Barth, John, 1930-
    Teacher Susan and her ex-CIA operative-turned-expose-writer husband Fenwick Turner,
    who try to make life decisions while on a sabbatical voyage on the Chesapeake Bay

    The Scarlet Letter
    By Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864.
    In seventeenth century New England, Hester Prynne is condemned by Puritan law to
    wear a scarlet "A" as a symbol of the sin she has committed.

    The School for Scandal
    By Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, 1751-1816.  Dewey: 822
    Presents eighteenth-century playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan's comedy in which a
    rich man attempts to determine the true natures of his two nephews--one of whom is
    noted for his decency, the other for his vices--in order to choose a deserving, charitable

    The Sea-gull
    By Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904.  Dewey: 891.72
    A translation of Anton Chekhov's 1913 play which revolves around the question of the
    nature of art and love, reflecting the debate in Chekhov's day about art and the role of the
    artist in society. Includes the short, humorous piece, "The Tragedian in Spite of Himself."

    Separate Tables
    By Rattigan, Terence.  Dewey: 822
    Presents two linked one-act plays set in a shabby residential hotel, the first about a lonely
    divorcee who looks up her ex-husband, and the second about a repressed young spinster
    who offers moral support to a man accused of improper sexual behavior.

    Shakespeare's Henry IV. Parts one and two
    Political intrigue in England.

    The Shipping News
    By Proulx, Annie.
    Quoyle and his two emotionally disturbed daughters return to the family ancestral home
    in Newfoundland to start new lives.

    Silas Marner
    By Eliot, George, 1819-1880.
    Embittered by a false accusation and disappointed in friendship and love, the weaver
    Silas Marner retreats into a life alone with his loom and his gold. Fate steals his gold and
    replaces it with a golden-haired foundling child.

    Sister Carrie
    By Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945.
    The story of a young woman from Wisconsin who goes to Chicago, becomes an actress,
    marries and goes to New York, and when her husband loses his job, goes onstage again.

    Six Characters in Search of an Author
    By Pirandello, Luigi, 1867-1936.  Dewey: 852
    Presents the text of the early twentieth-century play in which six characters, family
    members caught up in their own human drama, come to a theater and demand that the
    manager and his actors perform their life story.

    Six Degrees of Separation : a play
    By Guare, John.  Dewey: 812
    A tragicomedy of race, class, and manners, about the Kittredges, a wealthy New York
    couple who are taken in by a hustler who claims to be the son of actor Sidney Poitier.

    Snow Falling on Cedars
    By Guterson, David.
    When a newspaper journalist covers the trial of a Japanese American accused of murder,
    he must come to terms with his own past.

    Song of Solomon
    By Morrison, Toni
    Follows the life of Macon Dead, Jr., the son of the richest black family in a midwestern
    town, as he leaves home on a quest for personal freedom.

    Sons and Lovers
    By Lawrence, D. H. (David Herbert), 1885-1930.  Dewey: 823
    Paul Morel, a painter from a British working-class family, is unable to choose between
    his possessive mother and two young beautiful women.

    The Sound and the Fury
    By William Faulkner :
    Faulkner's fourth novel (1929), is his first true masterpiece. Depicting the decline of the
    once aristocratic Compson family, the novel is composed of four stream-of-
    consciousness narratives, each told by a different character with his or her own way of
    relating events.

    Stone Angel
    By O'Connell, Carol, 1947-
    New York police sergeant Kathleen Mallory sets off a chain reaction of violence when
    she returns to her small hometown in Louisiana in an attempt to solve the mystery of her
    mother's murder years earlier.

    The Stranger
    By Camus, Albert, 1913-1960.
    Caught in the grip of forces he does not understand, a quiet, ordinary clerk in Algiers
    commits a murder.

    The Street of Crocodiles
    By Schulz, Bruno, 1892-1942.
    An autobiographical novel written in the first person recalling certain events and
    experiences of Polish author Bruno Schulz's own childhood in Drogobych, Poland before
    the Nazi occupation of World War Two.

    A Streetcar Named Desire
    By Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983.  Dewey: 812
    Presents in three acts the famous play by Tennessee Williams about Blanche DuBois, a
    woman whose romantic illusions cause her to lose touch with reality.

    By Morrison, Toni.
    Traces the lives of two African-American heroines from their growing up together in a
    small Ohio town, to their sharply divergent paths of womanhood, to their ultimate
    confrontation and reconciliation.

    The Sun Also Rises
    By Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.
    A group of American and British expatriates living in Paris go on an excursion to
    Pamplona, Spain.

    A Tale of Two Cities
    By Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
    Charles Dickens' 1859 historical novel set in Paris and London during the French
    Revolution, in which a French nobleman, Charles Darnay, renounces his position and
    leaves his country, then returns during the Terror to save the life of a servant, putting
    himself in grave danger.

    The Taming of the Shrew
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    Presents the text of the play about a man who sets out to tame his shrewish wife, and
    includes an essay on the play in performance, annotated bibliographies, and other
    reference information.

    Tartuffe : comedy in five acts, 1669
    By Moliere, 1622-1673.  Dewey: 842
    Presents a comedy in five acts about religious hypocrisy among seventeenth-century
    French society.

    The Tempest
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    The bard’s final play, containing his mature reflections on life, concerns Prospero, a
    philosophical old magician, and Miranda, his lovely daughter, who dwell in peaceful
    isolation on an enchanted island. When a shipwreck brings old enemies to shore, the
    stage is set for a masterly drama of comedy, romance, and reconciliation.

    Their Eyes Were Watching God
    By Hurston, Zora Neale.
    An African-American woman searches for a fulfilling relationship through two loveless
    marriages and finally finds it in the person of Tea Cake, an itinerant laborer and gambler.

    Things Fall Apart
    By Achebe, Chinua.
    Set in an Ibo village in Nigeria, the novel recreates pre-Christian tribal life and shows
    how the coming the white man led to the breaking up of the old ways.

    Three Plays : Desire Under the Elms ; Strange Interlude ; Mourning Becomes
    By O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-1953.  Dewey: 812
    A collection of three plays by Eugene O'Neill.

    To Kill a Mockingbird
    By Lee, Harper.
    Presents a fortieth anniversary edition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel in which Scout
    Finch, the young daughter of a local attorney in the Deep South during the 1930s, tells of
    her father's defense of an African-American man charged with the rape of a white girl.

    To the Lighthouse
    By Woolf, Virginia.
    Describes a party gathered at a house on the Scottish coast, in later years only caretakers
    have the house, and in the last part of the story the house is again filled with surviving
    family members.

    Tom Jones
    By Henry Fielding
    Nearly two and a half centuries after its publication, the adventures of the rambunctious
    and randy Tom Jones still makes for great reading

    The Tortilla Curtain
    By Boyle, T. Coraghessan.
    Tells the explosive story of yuppies, Delaney and Kyra Mossbacher, a stay-at-home dad
    and his real-estate whiz wife, and their clash with Candido and America Rincon, illegal
    aliens who have crossed into California from Mexico and are living in a camp awaiting
    the birth of their baby.

    The Tragedy of Dr. Faustus
    By Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593.  Dewey: 822
    Presents the text of sixteenth-century dramatist Christopher Marlowe's story of ambitious
    scholar Dr. Faustus and his bargain with the devil.

    The Trial
    By Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924.  Dewey: 833
    Joseph K. is suddenly arrested and must spend the rest of his life fighting a charge against
    him about which he can get no information.

    By Glaspell, Susan, 1882-1948.  Dewey: 812

    Tristram Shandy
    By Sterne, Laurence, 1713-1768.  Dewey: 823
    Presents the eighteenth-century comic novel in which Tristram Shandy, the narrator,
    attempts to tell the story of his life but becomes totally bogged down in tales of his
    eccentric family.

    The Turn of the Screw
    By James, Henry, 1843-1916.
    Presents the nineteenth-century short story in which a governess believes her two
    charges, ten-year-old Miles and eight-year-old Flora, are being haunted by the ghosts of
    former servants.

    Twelfth Night
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    Presents the text of "Twelfth Night," in which Viola, disguised as a man, falls in love
    with Duke Orsino; while Olivia, the object of Orsino's attentions, is attracted to Viola,
    believing her to be male.

    Typical American
    By Jen, Gish.
    Chronicles the rise and sway of fortune in the life of a Chinese immigrant family.

    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    By Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896.
    Presents Harriet Beecher Stowe's 1852 novel about an elderly slave who maintains his
    human dignity in the face of cruelty, suffering, and death; and includes a Stowe time line,
    a historical time line, critical excerpts, discussion questions, and other study tools.

    Vanity Fair
    By Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863.
    A satirical look at Victorian manners recounting the experiences of two finishing school
    graduates, Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley.

    Victory : an Island Tale
    By Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924
    A mysterious drifter named Axel Heyst rescues a "bad girl" from a seedy tropical hotel
    and takes her home to Samburan, his own island in the East Indies. Three intruders
    follow them and bring horror, death, and a strange, haunting victory.

    By Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.  Dewey: 822
    Presents Ben Jonson's play "Volpone," in which a wealthy old man claims to be dying in
    order to solicit bribes from greedy acquaintances who hope to inherit his fortune; and
    includes explanatory and contextual notes, an introduction on the author, the play, and its
    stage history, and Jonson's 1607 defense of literature.

    By Jin, Ha, 1956
    Lin Kong struggles to balance his life between the two women he loves and the country
    that is trying to rule his life.

    Waiting for Godot
    By Beckett, Samuel, 1906-  Dewey: 842
    Theatrically entertaining "Waiting for Godot" features two readers who know how to
    parry and spare their lines for best effect.

    The Warden
    By Trollope, Anthony, 1815-1882.  Dewey: 823
    Mr. Harding, a clergyman of great personal integrity, becomes the target of young
    zealous reformer,John Bold, who accuses Harding of misusing church funds.

    Washington Square
    By James, Henry, 1843-1916.
    Catherine Sloper, an heiress favored by neither beauty nor brilliance, finds herself torn
    between an attractive suitor and her adored father who believes the young man to be a
    fortune hunter.

    Watch on the Rhine
    By Hellman, Lillian, 1906-  Dewey: 812
    A three-act play in which a German man flees Hitler's Germany to find peace and
    freedom in the United States with his wife's family.

    Watch That Ends the Night
    By MacLennan, Hugh.
    George and Catherine Stewart share the worry of Catherine's illness, which could cause
    her death at any time, and the memory of Jerome Martell, Catherine's first husband and
    George's closest friend. Martel, a brilliant doctor passionately concerned with social
    justice, is presumed to have died in a Nazi prison camp.

    Watership Down
    By Adams, Richard, 1920-
    A group of hardy Berkshire rabbits share many adventures together as they search for a
    safe place to establish a new warren after the destruction of their community.

    The Way of the World and Other Plays
    By Congreve, William  Dewey: 822
    A comic play written by William Congreve in 1700. Mirabell, the hero, contrives to
    marry his true love Millamant despite the opposition of Lady Wishford, Millimant's aunt.
    In order to gain access to Millimant, Mirabell pretends to be in love with Lady Wishford,
    and he succeeds by this ruse in winning her niece's hand.

    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
    By Albee, Edward, 1928-  Dewey: 812
    Dramatizes a night of warfare between a professor and his wife, the daughter of the
    college president, as witnessed by a young couple newly arrived on campus.

    Wide Sargasso Sea
    By Rhys, Jean.
    Story of a young woman in the Caribbean whose family's past will be used against her by
    her cold-hearted and prideful husband, Rochester.

    The Wild Duck
    By Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906.  Dewey: 839.8
    An adaptation of ninteenth-century Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen's play that
    illustrates the destructive impact on an average family of a neurotic fanatic who fails to
    understand the consequences of his behavior.

    The Wings of the Dove
    By James, Henry, 1843-1916.
    Milly Theale travels to London in an attempt to forget about her deadly illness, but she
    soon realizes that no matter what happens, she cannot escape the circumstances fate has
    thrown at her.

    Winter in the Blood
    By Welch, James, 1940-
    A tale narrated by a sensitive young man living on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana
    and his haunting memories of his once proud heritage.

    The Winter's Tale
    By Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.  Dewey: 822.3
    King Leontes of Bohemia suspects his wife, Hermione, and his friend, Polixenes, of
    betraying him. When he forces Polixenes to flee for his life, Leontes sets in motion a
    chain of events that lead to death, a ferocious bear, an infant left in the snow, young love,
    and a statue coming to life.

    Winterset : play in three acts
    By Anderson, Maxwell, 1888-1959.  Dewey: 812
    Mio, searching for proof that his father was innocent of the crime for which he was
    executed, meets and falls in love with Miriam, a strange girl whose brother Garth might
    have saved Mio's father but was afraid to testify on the condemned man's behalf.

    Wise Blood
    By O'Connor, Flannery.
    After his release from the army at age twenty-two, Hazel Motes of Eastrod, Tennessee
    comes to a Southern city where he falls under the spell of Asa Hawks, a blind street
    preacher who is led around by his daughter, Sabbath Lily.

    Wuthering Heights
    By Bronte, Emily, 1818-1848.
    Forced by a storm to spend the night at the home of the somber Heathcliff, Mr.
    Lockwood uncovers a tale of terror and hatred on the Yorkshire moors.

    Zoot Suit and Other Plays
    By Valdez, Luis.  Dewey: 812
    Based on the actual Sleepy Lagoon murder case and the zoot suit riots of 1940s Los
    Angeles. Henry Reyna is the leader of a group of Mexican-Americans being sent to San
    Quentin without substantial evidence for the death of a man at Sleepy Lagoon. As part of
    the defense committee, Alice Bloomfield and George Shearer  fight the blatant
    miscarriage of justice for the freedom of Henry and his friends.