Yearbook Information for Seniors

    Buy Your Book now for the best price 
    Books just $55 now—a great value for 100s of pages of color pictures.
    Cost goes to $60 after December. Will be more in June depending on how many people bought books.
    Buy books at the school bank or on the Webstore. 
    Buy Your Book no later than during March to get your name on the cover. 
    Name engraving is no extra charge, but will not be available later in the year.
    Name is pressed into cover with gold foil.
    In June it will cost more and you will not be able to get your name added.
    Share your pictures with the yearbook.
    Sign up in room 220 to get a photo of you and your car. A few photos can be e-mailed to lthurston@slusd.us (put "yearbook" in the subject line).
    Got lots of pictures? Bring them on a disc or USB drive to room 220.

    Seniors: Bring your baby pictures to room 220 to be scanned for inclusion in the yearbook.

    Reserve your space now. Get your page finished no later than February. It takes several weeks so do not delay! See Ms. Thurston in room 220.

    How to do it:
    • Get your words and photos together and bring them to room 220 for scanning. All pictures will be returned to you. 
    • Pay all or a deposit at the school bank (with a plan to complete payment by spring break in April) or contact the bank via the Webstore online (service charges apply).
    • If you are under 18, please bring a parent/guardian's note saying they approve.

    Prices: • $190 full page • $95 half page • $48 for 1/4 page
    Design and composition is done free by students in the yearbook classes under the teacher's guidance and with your input.

    • What size are the spaces?
    Page size is 9 inches wide by 12 inches high, with typically a half inch margin on outside edges. Half page is 9 x 6 inches; quarter page is 4.5 x 6 inches.

    • How do we submit our photos?
    Please put them in an envelope and bring or send them in to room 220. The yearbook staff can adjust the size of any picture from the original. It is easier for us if you do not glue or tape them together into a collage, but let us do that electronically. We can follow your layout sketch or design something based on your guidelines. 
    If you have photos from cameras or phones, you can e-mail them to the address above. We prefer you send the originals and let us edit them for print. If you have more than 10 images, please do not send them in by e-mail.

    • How many pictures is a good number to include?
    It depends on how big a space you get and how large or small you want the pictures to be. The more pictures you include, the smaller they will need to be overall. You can put 20 or more photos on a full page, but photo size starts to get smaller and smaller; plus you probably want to leave a space for words. Some people cram on 40 or more photos, but we recommend choosing the very best ones. We also recommend having one picture that is larger and more prominent than the others.

    • What if we want to prepare it ourselves?
    That's fine if you know how to do it. The requirements are: 
      • Size needs to fit the page (see Size above). Any image or background color that is planned to go to the edge of the page must also extend an additional 1/6 of an inch on all sides. Words need to be 1/3 to 1/2 an inch away from the edges.
      • The resolution needs to be 300.
      • The color needs to be CMYK (not RGB).
      • Files may be saved in Photoshop or as PDFs. If you want help adjusting the colors, send your files including layers in Photoshop or TIFF format.
      • School e-mail only accepts files under 10 MB so you should send it to us on a CD or bring it on a USB drive. 

Last Modified on August 2, 2018