• Mrs. Jowe’s Orchestra Grading Policy


    Grading will be based on daily attendance, concert and special rehearsal attendance, performance skills, homework and special projects, tests, and class participation. Certain number of points will be given for each assignment or playing test.  Each student will receive 20 to 25 points total possible for participation each week.


    • Rehearsal Attendance   

    Students are expected to attend class daily.  They should be in their seat with instrument, music and stand ready to play within the first 5 minutes of class.  One to two points will be deducted from participation grade for tardiness each day.  Student should bring a pencil, small notebook, and a folder for sheet music.  To facilitate precision string playing and good technique, fingernails should be cut short.  No food should be eaten in class to keep hands clean.  Points will be deducted from participation grade for persistent long nails and eating in class.


    • Rehearsal Participation 

    Students are expected to come prepared to learn and contribute positively to the improvement of the ensemble.  Students should be attentive to the teacher’s instruction and respond accordingly. Be ready to take notes or mark finger4ings in sheet music during rehearsals.  Talking among students should be kept at minimum during rehearsals.  Students should not be using cell phones or doing assignments from another class.  Ten points will be deducted from participation grade when student is using cell phone or working on other subjects during class.  Students should show respect to the teacher and fellow classmates.  Rude behaviors will result in receiving referrals and point deductions.

    • Daily Playing Evaluation

    Students are observed during the course of each rehearsal for technique, tone, rhythm and musicality. Attention to details, good posture and handling of the instrument is also observed during the daily rehearsal.

    • Playing Test

    Students will be tested on excerpts from a musical piece and/or scales.  There may be occasional pop quizzes given.


    • Practice Sessions  (Homework)

    Each student will be expected to practice in order to improve individually.  Students should always strive toward excellence.  Each Concert Orchestra student is expected to practice 2 and 1/2 hours total per week, or 10 hours per month on his or her instrument.  Advanced Orchestra students are expected to practice 3 hours total per week, or 12 hours per month.    Students will earn 20 to 25 points for each month of practice.  To receive credit for your practice time, students are to download and print-out  the special Practice Form provide on my web page.  Students will record the practice time each day on this form.  Student will briefly describe what he/she had practiced or learned for the week on practice form.  It needs to be signed by his/her parent each week with at least one full signature.  It is due by the 1st of each month and will be accepted up to the 5th school day of that month (in case of illnesses).  Three points will be deducted each day late there after.  No credit will be given after the 7th school day of each month.  Self-made practice forms are NOT accepted.   Forms with no parental signature will be returned to student with no points given.  No exceptions!!


    • Performances and Special Rehearsals/Workshops 

    It is very important that students attend all scheduled concerts.  The purpose of all the hard work in daily rehearsals is to achieve excellence in performance.  Musicians cannot treat performances lightly.  They are as important as a semester examination.  East concert is worth 60 to 80 points.  If you missed a concert, it would be very difficult to make-up for all the points missed.  Only one written report of 600 to 800 words would be permitted as extra credit for each quarter.  It is worth 15 to 25 points.  The topic of the report could be the comparison of 2 composers, or the comparison of 2 musical pieces performed by our orchestra this school year.  Conflicts with job, family vacation plans, non emergency medical or dental appointments, other performances, and travel arrangements do not constitute an excused absence.  Students are advised to pay close attention to the concert dates and make arrangement to attend all the performances.  Students are also required to attend occasional special workshops and special rehearsals after school.  These are very important rehearsals necessary to prepare for concert performances.