• Welcome Parents!

    Grades: As stated in my syllabus, the grade report online in ABI includes EVERYTHING in my gradebook for your child and will always be current. Your child's notebook is one of the most important factors of their grade and includes all classwork, homework, and projects. Please feel free to ask them for that notebook to look over the work they have been doing in class. If you see some blank pages perhaps you might ask why the work wasn’t made up. You do make a difference in your child’s academic success. THANK YOU! =)

    Remind: I will be asking students to download a free app on their phone called Remind. I will ALWAYS send them a remind message when there is an exam coming up, a notebook check due, or a project or paper due for your child. Always feel free to call or email me about your child! I check my email at least once a day and will immediately get back to you. Emailing me is the best way to ensure a speedy response back!  esolberg@slusd.us

    Back to School Night: I highly encourage students to get their parents to come to back to school night. This is probably the only chance I will get to meet you! As of now Back to School night is Sept . Please mark your calendars and plan on coming. If you can’t make it that night I always welcome parents to make appointments to meet after school.

    Teaching Philosophy: This is my 13th year as a History teacher at San Leandro High School. My classroom is set up as a cooperative learning environment where students use multiple modalities to enhance learning of the subject matter. I incorporate traditional methods, such as lecturing, taking notes, reading, along with progressive methods using skills that incorporate:
    Logic (charts, graphs, mapping)
    Kinesthetic skills (reenactments, simulations)
    Interpersonal skills (group collaboration)
    Intrapersonal (self reflection and journals)
    Research skills (final research project/presentation)
    Music ( historical music and analysis)
    Visual (slides, film, and art analysis)

    Students do not all learn the same way. My goal is to set up your student to succeed in this course, create lasting skills and knowledge, and build an appreciation and interest in the world around them.

    Showing of Films in Class: Film is an amazing tool for History teachers today. Most video clips I show will be documentary style. However, occasionally I do show parts of Hollywood style films and a few of these are rated R. All of the films I show during a class term are related to the subject matter that is being covered. A film would not be shown without analysis and reflection on how it relates to what is being studied. I also will never show an entire film, regardless of rating. I only show clips of what is relevant to the curriculum.

    I do understand and realize that there are parents/guardians who would rather avoid their child’s exposure to such films. I have available alternate assignments for any student if they are unable to view these films.  Please let me know if you have any concerns about this.