• Unit 1 Industrialism and Empire
    Industrial Revolution
    1)What was the result of enclosure?
    2)What is the purpose of crop rotation?
    3)What happened to the number of farmers during the Agricultural revolution?
    4)What was Britain's first area of Industrialization?
    5)Where would you find a spinning mule?
    6)What was the purpose of husbandry?
    7)What is an Entrepreneur?
    Revolution in the arts
    1)Gothic novels are most associated with what style of art?
    2)What word best describes romanticism?
    a)Love   c)  First Impressions
    b)Wild Emotions  d) Logic and reasoning
    3) The first photographs were printed on what?
    4) What era was Realism associated with?
    5) Which art style is most closely connected with a mental image?
    6) Which art is most associated with the enlightenment?
    Urban Living Conditions
    1)What are 3 positive changes from the industrial revolution?
    2)What are three negative changes from the industrial revolution?
    3)What is urbanization?
    Age of Reform
    1)Before 1832; What was the percentage of people who had the right to vote in England?
    2)Who did the reform bill of 1832 give the vote to?
    3)What group of voters did the Chartist movement exclude?
    4)Which Monarch was forced to accept a less powerful role?
    5)What was Alfred Dreyfus accused of?
    6)The pogroms in Russia were fueled by this ___(a term for the hatred of Jewish people).
    7)What was the only country to allow Women the right to vote before 1900?
    19th  Century Progress
    1)Developed the theory of evolution.
    2)Developed an efficient Assembly Line
    3)Developed the Germ theory
    4)Invented a practical incandescent light bulb
    5)Invented the telephone
    6)Identified radioactivity
    7)Invented the first Radio
    8)Invented the first airplane
    9)Developed the theory that much of human actions are based on unconscious reaction and can be changed based on training
    Imperialism in Africa
    1)Boers were farmers living in South Africa from what nation?
    2)What is racism?
    3)Who met at the Berlin Conference?
    4)What was Social Darwinism? What did it justify?
    5)What was the greatest source of wealth in Africa?
    6)What portion of Africa did Shaka Organize the Zulu?
    7)What Group of people went on the Great Trek?
    Case Study Africa
    1)What is the main difference between a protectorate and a colony?
    2)What is paternalism?
    3)What European Nation tried and then abandoned there policy of assimilation?
    4)What was unique about Menelik II from other 19th century leaders in Africa?
    5)What can be said about the African National boundaries in the 19th century?
    European's claim Muslim Lands
    1)By 1914 what had occurred to the Ottoman Empire?
    2)Who was the biggest loser in the Crimean War?
    3)Who instituted major reform in Egypt?
    4)The Suez Canal was built by a combined effort of what groups?
    5)What area was divided into spheres of influence between Russia and Great Britain?
    British in India
    1)Who ruled under the Raj?
    2)Who were Sepoys?
    3)What caused the Sepoy mutiny?
    4)How did the British respond after the sepoy mutiny?
    5)What did Rom Mohun Roy feel that India had to do before independence?
    South East Asia and Pacific Imperialism
    1)What nation became the leading exporter of rubber?
    2)Why did British Take Singapore?
    3)Who was the last monarch of Hawaii?
    4)What nation was modernized by King Mongkut?
    5)What did the US take during the Spanish American War?
    6)Who was the leading figure who fought against both the Spanish and Americans in the Philippines?
    7)What US business group pushed for the annexation of Hawaii?
    China's Response to Imperialism
    1)What island did the Treaty of Nanjing give to the British?
    2)Regions of China dominated by foreigners?
    3)Emperor who tried to modernize but was overthrown by a more powerful ruler?
    4)What allowed foreigners to not follow Chinese Law?
    5)This was declared by the US in order to allow them to trade with China
    6)Who Ruled China between 1861-1908
    7)Clash Between British and China that ended in China’s humiliating defeat?
    8)Largest armed rebellion in 19th century China lasted 14 years and was finally crushed by the Qing after they asked for help from Britain and France
    9)Revolt that was a violent reaction to foreigners was defeated by a multi national force.
    Japan Begin's an Empire
    1)Who was Japan’s largest trading partner prior to the 1800’s?
    2)Who did the Japanese Sign the Treaty of Kanagawa with opening trade?
    3)What was the time period in which the Meiji ruled?
    4)Who did the Japanese model their military on?
    5)What was the result of the Sino Japanese War?
    6)In what order did these events occur…?
    a)Korean annexation
    b)Korean Protectorate
    c)Russians Driven Out
    d)Hands off agreement signed
    US Economic Imperialism
    •What is a caudillo?
    •Which war resulted in the Spanish losing the last of its colonies to the United States?
    •What did the Roosevelt Corollary do?
    •What region did the Monroe Doctrine intend to keep out of Latin American affairs?
    Turmoil and Change in Mexico
     Unit 2: The World at War
     Marching Toward War
    1)What nations were part of the triple alliance?
    2)What nations were part of the triple Entente?
    3)What nation annex Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1908?
    4)Which two non Balkan nations competed for dominance there?
    5)Who lost Alsace Lorraine to the Germans?
    6)Which nations heir was assassinated?
    7)What nation had been unified by Otto von Bismarck?
    8)What nation was the first to declare war?
    9)What great nation did not have a large army at the beginning of the war?
    10)Which nation did Bismarck view as the greatest threat?
    War Consumes Europe
    1)What was the Schlieffen Plan?
    2)Where were the Battle of the Somme and Verdun signed?
    3)Who was a part of the Triple Alliance, but refused to be part of the Central Powers?
    4) On which front was trench warfare most used?
    5)Who were part of the Allied Powers?
    6)What was the area between the trenches called?
    7)Who declared war when Germany mobilized?
    War Effects the World
    1)What was the purpose of unrestricted submarine warfare?
    2)Why is World War I called a “Total War”?
    3)What was rationing used to limit?
    4)What was the purpose of propaganda during WWI?
    5)What was the Zimmerman letter?
    6)What is an armistice?
    A Flawed Peace
    1)Who proposed the league of nations?
    2)What were the principles of the 14 points?
    3)Who were the big four and what countries did they represent?
    4)What happened to German colonies after the war?
    5) Who disagreed most strongly with Woodrow Wilson at Versailles?
    6)Under what clause did the Germans have to pay war reparations?
    7)What two nations were deliberately kept out of the league of nations?
    Russian Revolution
    1)What was Russia’s first parliament called?
    2)The Last of the Romanov Tzars?
    3)He was the leader of the Bolsheviks?
    Stalin's Soviet Union
    1)Under Stalin’s Command economy who makes economic decisions?
    2)Stalin determined to eliminate the Kulacks because of their opposition to this?
    3)What were the goals of the 5 year plan?
    4)What was the “Great Purge”?
    5)What were some tools that Stalin used to maintain control and power?
    Communism develops in China
    1)Who was the founder of the Kuomintang?
    2)Who was Sun Yixan’s successor and first President of the Nationalist ?
    3)What was another name for the Kuomintang?
    4)What group was forced on the Long March?
    5)Who was the founder of the Chinese Communist?
    6)To who did the treaty of Versailles give German territory in China?
    7)Which groups brought an uneasy truce to the Chinese Civil War?
    8)What was the May 4th movement a response to?
    India and Southwest Asia
    1)What nation was formerly known as Persia?
    2)Where did the Salt March occur?
    3)Where did the Amritsar Massacre occur?
    4)What nation was founded by Ab al-Aziz Ibn Saud?
    5)Where was the Congress party located?
    6)What nation was led to independence by Gandhi?
    7)This nation had been divided by British and Russian Spheres of Influence?
    8)Reza Shah Pahlavi led this nation toward a policy of modernization?
    9)What nation was threatened by an invasion of Greek soldiers after WWI?
    10)In this nation a revolt broke out when the British attempted to control the whole country.
    11)This country has been ruled by an Islamic King since WWI.
    12)Mustafa Kamal moved this country toward modernization.
    Age of Uncertanty
    1)Who was the first person to fly across the Atlantic ocean?
    2)Who developed theories of the subconscious and unconscious mind
    3)What is the name of the art movement that focused on the unconscious mind?
    4)Who wrote the Great Gatsby?
    5)What is the philosophy that rejects Universal Value?
    6)What musical style captured the freedom of 1920’s life?
    7)James Joyce’s literary technique to capture feelings?
    8)What is the term used comparing the measuring of time and the speed of light? Who developed this concept?
    9)Who urged the concept of returning to pride, assertiveness and strength and declared that “God is dead…”?
    Global Depression
    1)What Eastern European country had a dictatorship in Europe?
    2)What was the Dawes Plan?
    3)What weakened the Weimer Republic?
    4)What was the New Deal?
    5)What happened to imports and exports during the great depression? Bank Closings? Unemployment? Business Failures?
    6)Who faced heavy war debt?
    7)Where did the Popular Front help preserve democracy?
    1)Name at least 3 leaders that adopted the concept of fascism?
    2)What was different between communism and fascism?
    3)What was the title of Hitler's book in prison?
    4)What is lebensraum?
    5)What method did Hitler propose to achieve lebensraum?
    6)What was the German form of fascism?
    Aggressors on the March
    1)Who were the 3 countries in the Axis Alliance?
    2)What country invaded Manchuria?
    3)What 2 countries was the 1939 non aggression pact between?
    4)Who was the leader of the Third Reich?
    5)Who led the Spanish Fascist rebels?
    6)What threat did the Munich conference seek to addressee?
    7)What was the purpose of appeasement?
    Hitler's Lightning War
    •The British and French declared war on Germany because of the invasion of which country?
    •What was a blitzkrieg? Where was it first used?
    •Who was Charles de Gaulle?
    •What were three advantages that the British had in the Battle of Britain?
    •What were the key discussions during the Atlantic Charter?
    Japan Strikes
    1)What did Isoruku Yamamoto become infamous for?
    2)What occurred on the Battan death march?
    3)What battle allowed the US to take the offensive?
    4)Why did the US use island hopping as a technique?
    5)Who masterminded the island hopping technique?
    6) What brought the US into WWII?

    1) What did Hitler “incorrectly”  name the Germanic people ?

    2) What happened on Kristalnacht?

    3) What was the first solution to the “Jewish problem”, why was Hitler not satisfied?

    4)What is genocide?
    5)What was the goal of the “Final Solution”?
    6)What other groups were singled out as undesirable during the Holocaust?
    7)What was Auschwits?
     Allies are Victorious
    Who was the Commander of US forces in the European campaign?
    2) What occurred on D-Day?
    3) What was the main target of Kamikazes?
    4) What did Stalin urge the US and Britain to do throughout the war?
    5) Who led the Allies to victory at the Battle of El Alamien?
    6) Why were thousand of Japanese placed in relocation/ internment camps?
    1)What was the only European capital city not significantly damaged by the war?
    2)What nation lost the most lives during the war?
    3)What three countries leadership was eliminated after the war (Axis Powers)?
    4)Who was tried at the Nuremberg Trials? Tokyo War Crimes Trials?
    5)Who led the effort to draw up a Japanese Constitution?
    6)Who oversaw the demiliterization of Japan?
    Latin America
    1)What leader stabilized the Mexican Economy in 1934?
    2)How did Mexico support the allies during WWII?
    3)What was the name of the Repression that occurred in El Salvador through the 1930’s and 40’s?
    4)Which country had a large population of European Immigrants after WWII?
    5)What is a junta?
    6)What was the Platt Amendment?
    7)Which leader in Cuba came to power under a junta and coup and ruled until 1959?
     Africa 1914-1945
    1)In what nation were Indians classified as coloreds?
    2)Who did Haile Salasie beg for help from when Ethiopia was invaded?
    3)In what country were the North and South unified by the British for economic gain?
     Middle East 1914-1945
    1) What were the results of the Sykes Picot Agreement?
    2) What were mandates?
    3) What king established Saudi Arabia?
    4) What was the result of the Balfore decleration?
    5) Who drew support from Nazi's first and then changed to west?
    Unit 3: Developing World
     Communist China
    1)Who did both the Communist and Nationalist fight against during WWII?
    2)Who had more support from the peasants (Nationalist or Communist)?
    3)Who did the US support?
    4)What island did the Nationalist flee too?
    5)What were the collective farms called during the Great Leap forward?
    6)What was the movement that’s goal was to restore radical revolutionary values?
     Korea and Vietnam Wars
    1)Who was the original commander of US forces in Korea?
    2)Saigon was renamed for what Vietnamese political figure?
    3)What did Douglas McArthur suggest to end the Korean Conflict?
    4)He led the North Vietnamese government.
    5)In What country did the Khemer Rouge take control?
    6)Where was Korea divided?
    7)Where did the Vietcong do most of their fighting?
    8)Which US President called for the “Vietnamization” of the Vietnam war?
    9)Who was the first leader of the Anti Communist government in Vietnam?
    10) Who did the Soviets support during the Korean War?
     Cold War Division and Thaw
    1)What is another term for 3rd world nations?
    2)Name two non aligned nations?
    3)The Bay of Pigs was the US failed attempt to overthrow what leader?
    4)The US and USSR had a dangerous stand off over nuclear missiles in what nation?
    5)Who was Daniel Ortega?
    6)Where were 60 American Hostages held by Islamic Revolutionaries?
    7)Central Asian nation did the Soviet Union invade in 1979?
     Indian subcontinent after Independence
    1)Nation formerly known as East Pakistan
    2)Who was independent India’s first prime minister
    3)Twice elected prime minister in Pakistan but removed from power in 1996
    4)The civil war between Singhalese Buddhist and Tamil Hindu  occurred in this country
    5)He died shortly after becoming Pakistan’s first governor general
    6)He was killed by Tamil terrorist while campaigning for re-election
    7)This is the worlds Largest democracy
    8)This Indian Prime minister was assassinated by Sikh extremist in retaliation for an attack on the Golden Temple
    9)He was known as the Mahatma or “Great Soul”. Was leader of the Congress party and was assassinated by Hindu extremist.
    10) A cease-fire line established by the UN in 1949 left a third of this territory under Pakistani control and the rest under Indian control.
     South East Asian Independence
    1)Who continued their colonization of Burma and Malaysia, Singapore after WWII?
    2)What Imperialist Nation continued their colonization of Indonesia after WWII?
    3)What Imperialist Nation continued their colonization of Philippines after WWII?
    4)Who became the first President of Indonesia?
    5)Who seized power in Indonesia and created a police state?
    6)What Burmese pro democracy leader was put on house arrest in 1989, won the Nobel peace prize, and was not released until 2010?
    7)Who imposed an authoritarian leadership in the Philippines and stole millions of dollars before being forced into exile?
    8)What President of the Philippines oversaw the writing of a constitution and the shortening of military base leases?
    African Independence
    1)First president of Kenya?
    2)As a colony it was known as the Gold Coast?
    3)Movement that celebrated African culture
    4)Revolutionary group which fought and won independence in Algeria
    5)Former Belgian colony known as Zaire and this name _______
    6)President for life in Ghana that was overthrown in 1966
    7)The Secret Society in Kenya made up of mostly Kikuyu Farmers
    8)Took power in Zaire in a bloodless Coup and then overthrown in 1997
    9)Algeria's first president who was overthrown by a coup
    10)Former Portuguese colony who faced civil war as the USSR and US took sides
    11)This nation at one point was Frances principle colony and then had a civil war between an Islamic militant group and secular rebels
    Conflict in the Middle East 

    1) What letter was written by a British official that seemed to give land right promises to both Israel and Palestine?

    2) This occurred in 1956 when Egyptian president Gamal Nasser seized control of certain French and British business interests in Egypt.

    3) This resulted in Israel's annexation of the Sinai, Golan Heights, Jerusalem and West Bank

    4) In 1978 he agreed to return the Sinai to Egypt by signing the camp David Accords.

    5) In 1978 he signed the Camp David Accord which declared Peace with Israel and a declared it to be a legitimate state.

    6) He took power in 1981 after the assassination of his predecessor and kept the peace with Israel

    7) In the 1970’s- 1990’s this groups military wing conducted a violent campaign against Israel.

    8) In the 1980’s Palestinians began this uprising that succeeded in putting pressure on Israel

    9) Palestinian Leader that help achieve the Oslo Peace Accords

    10) He was assassinated by Jewish extremist after the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords

     Central Asia
    1)What caused the creation of 9 Central Asian nations?
    2)What three nations make up the Trans Caucus Region
    3)Which regions attempted to gain independence from Azerbaijan?
    4)What was the name of the unified international Muslim group who fought against the USSR?
    5)What group took over Afghanistan in 1998?
    6)What group masterminded the destruction of the world trade center on September 11, 2001? Who was its leader that was captured 10 years later and killed by a US Special Forces Unit?
     Latin America 1945-present
    1)What was the biggest barrier to Brazil in building
    a new capital?  
    2) Land reform in Brazil took what shape?
    3) What occurred in business activity in Brazil in the
    4) What does the term standard of living refer to?
    5) What was the PRI?
     Africa 1945-present
    •What form of government did Nigeria have where power is shared between local/regional groups and a National group
    •The government in Lagos Nigeria was overthrown by a military government that then declared this….meaning the suspension of all civil rights
    •What is a dissident?
    •Who was the leader of The African Nationalist Congress and was arrested for 27 years before becoming president
    •Who moved to making significant political reforms as prime minister helping to end apartheid in South Africa
    Collapse of Soviets
    1)What was the most powerful policy making body in the soviet union before its collapse?
    2)Who began the reforms that led to the end of the Soviet Union?
    3)What did Glasnost do?
     Eastern Europe
    1)Lech Walesa became the leader of what nation?
    2)Solidarity began as an organization of what?
    3)Why were some hesitant in reunifying Germany?
    4)The writer Vaclav Havel became the leader of which nation?
    5)Between 1945 and 1980 who led Yugoslavia?
    6)In Yugoslavia the most widely use of “ethnic cleansing” against what people?
     Communist China
    •What was the purpose of the Cultural Revolution
    •First Chinese premier to make overtures to develop ties with US
    •Deng Xioping’s program to improve China
    •What were Tianamin square protestors protesting?
    •What was the Chinese governments response to Tianamen square?