• ti Harlem Renaissance
    1)What was the Black Nationalist Organization founded by Marcus Garvey?
    2)What was the Era that celebrated African American Culture in the 1920’s called?
    3)What Association was founded by people like WEB Dubois?
    4)Who became the highest paid black artist in the world?
    5)Who broke color barriers by acting in Shakespeare’s Othello?
    6)What writer focused on poor African American lives?
    7)Considered to be Jazz’s greatest composer?
    8)Considered one of Jazz’s most important musicians because of his great improvisation?
    Sick Economy
    1)Who won and who lost the 1928 Election?
    2)The term that refers to the October 29,1929.
    3)What is the most widely used measure of the stock market?
    4)What did the McNary-Haugen Bill mandate on key crops?
    5)What term means to pay a small percentage of a stock and borrowing the rest?
    6)What is the term for extremely risky stock transactions in order to make quick profits on stock?
    7)What Tariff reduced the number of goods coming in from other countries and hurt the rest of the worlds markets?
    8)What is the arrangement where consumers agree to buy now and pay later on installment and interest?
    9)The period between 1924 and 1940 when the economy plummeted?
    1)Where were you most likely to find a shantytown?
    2)What was the purpose of soup kitchens?
    3)What were bread lines?
    4)What region became known as the dust bowl?
    5)What were the main sources of government relief during the early portion of the Depression?
    Herbert Hoover
    1)What Dam was built by the Hoover Administration?
    2)The Federal Home loan Bank Act was intended to lower what for home owners?
    3)What type of Business would have benefited from the Patman Bill?
    4)Hoover ordered the forced removal of what group of people that had created a shantytown in view of the Capitol Building?
    Roosevelt's New Deal
    1)This established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), with the greater goal of restoring public confidence in the banking system.
    2)This Provided Direct Relief in the form of Food and clothing to unemployed, aged and ill.
    3)Provided poverty stricken areas with money to help build Dams, flood control and power plants
    4)Provided Funds for some farmers to lower production with a goal to raise crop prices.
    5)This put 3 million young men to work building roads developing parks and helping in soil erosion
    6)This required corporations to provide complete information on all stock offerings to build confidence in the market
    7)This authorized the Treasury Department to inspect all banks and to close those who were unsound
    8)This helped to set fair labor standards and set prices and promoting Industrial growth.
    2nd New Deal
    Name the people that were effected and the problem that was addressed by these agencies.
    1)Social Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act
    2)Works Progress Administration
    3)National Youth Administration
    4)Wagner Act
    5)Fair Labor Standards Act
    6)Social Security Act
    Affects of the New Deal
    1)She was the first woman cabinet member as Secretary of Labor
    2)She was appointed as the head of Negro Affairs and helped to organize the “black cabinet”.
    3)John Collier was appointed to this position
    4)Union organized to include skilled and unskilled workers
    5)The New Deal Coalition was a group of what political party members.
    6)What was the Tyding McDuffie Act?
    7)How many Mexican’s were repatriated during the 1930’s?