Common Core

 Have you been hearing about the Common Core State Standards?
Check out this 3 minute video that explains what these new standards are about: 
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What do the California Common Core State Standards mean for you?
 ~ Your child will participate in a more rigorous instructional program wherever you live and will be better prepared  for success
. • As a parent/guardian, you will know what your student is expected to learn at each grade level. • Check out the Parent Roadmaps link below to see how to support your child with Common Core expectations along each grade level on the journey towards college and career readiness.
 ~You will have a clear understanding of what they are expected to learn in ELA and Mathematics. 
• You will be engaged in learning that stems from building skills around communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, digital and media literacy, and cultural competence.
 ~ You will provide students with consistent goals and quality feedback to ensure they are progressing on pathways for success in college, career, and life.  You will have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers across the country as they develop curricula, materials, and assessments linked to meaningful standards. • You will design teaching and learning that promotes the development of 21st Century Learning Skills.
 ~ These common standards will help prepare young people in your neighborhood to be college prepared and workforce ready. 
• With these standards all youth will receive a high quality education regardless of what school they go to or what state they live in.

Parent Roadmaps for Common Core (by grade level): These guides are like a map, showing families how to support their students at each grade level. Thanks to Los Angeles Unified School District for creating this rich resource. Available in English and Spanish, click here: ELA and Math CCSS Parent Roadmaps 


The National Parent Teacher Association offers resources to help families understand the role Common Core State Standards. Click below!

Two-page Guides by Grade (K-12) Summaries of the Common Core for each grade, available in English and Spanish. 

Four-page Guides by Grade (K-12) Summaries of the Common Core for each grade, available in English and Spanish. 


See all PTA parent materials All PTA Common Core materials, including FAQs, available in English and Spanish. 
 What are 21st Century Learning Skills? They are the skills that wrap around the Common Core State Standards that are essential for our students to know to be ready for the global work and learning place of the future. They are in the table below, borrowed from

               21st C Skills

Watch the cartoon video created by P21 called Above and Beyond to see these skills come to life!

Parent and Community Resources  about 21st Century, click below: 

Defining 21st Century Skills

Why 21st Century Skills

Implementing 21st Century Skills

What does assessment mean for students in the age of Common Core?
Learn about the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), the organization that is creating the computer based assessment aligned to Common Core that will be piloted this Spring 2014. Visit this site to see what practice assessments and testing will look like for your child.
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