• Eagle Running Routes



    *Bald Eagle

    *Golden Eagle

    *Red Hawk


    *Eddie the Eagle Run

    *Mile Run

    *Falcon Series

    *100-FT Sprint

    *50 Meter Sprint



    Prohibited List:


    S-Up: Shut doors and windows not "Ups". "You S-up you mess up!"

    Hat-e: "Hat" with an "e" on the end is not acceptable. Use substitutes "Prefer" or "dislike" 


    S-U-C-K is not OK even to yourself! Example: "I suck at basketball!" Not OK!

    H-e-l-l: "What the hexagon" is the acceptable PE alternative.


    Language Behaviors:

    *Taunting: Say "Good game" and do not gloat! "When you win, celebrate within!"


    *Comparisons: Do not say, "I am faster than you!" or "I can throw farther than you!" Remember a good quote to remember,

    "It is always more impressive when people realize your talents without your help!" 


    *Pugnactity: Getting in someone's space, pushing, kicking or provoking a fight is behavior that can land a student in trouble and

    in the office. PE is energy-expending, can be competitive and sometimes the excitement can blur some or our rules and expectations.

    Never forget: "The game is never more important than the people you are playing with!"


    *Put-Downs: Bring your teammates up don't put them down to make yourself feel better. 


    GOLDEN Language RULES:

    *Any Language that you would not use in the presence of your grandparents should not be used 

    at school or in PE.


    *Use Language that promotes harmony, respect and teamork


    *Body Language such as High-fives, PE Pounds, Good Posture and saying "good games" are highly encouraged!


    *Language is a choice! The world is full of positive and negative language/words. Study and use the language that will empower 

    yourself and others. 


    *Derivatives of swear words are still in the family of the perjorative. Example: "Frickin" is not acceptable.



    *"ICEBERG" is the freeze command. STOP, LOOK and LISTEN!

    *Raise your "BIG A" when you have something to say!

    *Use NAMES and POLITE POINT! Don't refer to your classmate as "He" or "She" we are responsible to learn our classmates names

    No pointing. A "Polite Point" is a two finger point, pointer and middle together. 

    *Bring your own WATER to PE just don't play with it, share it or douse yourself or others. Water breaks

    are at designated times. 

    *When walking in PE, we walk with are hands behind are back, spines straight, shoulders back, "ready to attack!"

    *Two touch Rule: Pounds and Fives, that's it!'

    *Use water chant at the water faucet: "One, Two, Three, Four, please don't drink any more!

    *Students are encouraged to go to the bathroom at recess. Students will be allowed to go to the bathroom at

    appropriate time. 

    *Wear athletic shoes that you are not afraid to get a little dirty. No Sandals, high heels, flip-flops etc.

    *No cell phones, purses, toys, pokemon cards 

    *"Hands-Free PE", don't pick-up things off the ground. Tools vs. toys. 

    *Tied shoes and Good Attitudes!

    *Respect others Space: Know your Fitness Group and your assigned Number. 

    *Equipment is gold! Use it in the manner it was intended to be used. Don't kick balls that are not intended to be 

    kicked! Share with your teammate and put equipment back the right way. For example; hang the jump rope up by the 


    *Don't be a "learning thief", talking out, not following directions; breaking rules takes away precious time for students who are

    on-task, responsible and actively listening. Respect others' right to learn and get on board and we can accomplish more as a team.