• Rehearsal Rules in Orchestra


    • Be in your assigned seat with your music, instrument, and all necessary materials when the tardy bell rings.      
    • If you are tardy, go to your seat quietly without disrupting the class.
    • Pay attention in class so you don’t waste class time by asking unnecessary questions. Bring pencil, small notebook and a folder for sheet music, ready to take notes or mark your music. Fingernails should be cut short.  NO ONE should be playing or talking when the teacher is talking.
    • Be focused during rehearsal and get rid of all distractions. No using cell phones, doing work from other classes, chatting with classmates, or eating. Points will be deducted from your participation grade as consequence for the above.
    • Always stay positive - be motivated to work and try your very best in class.      
    • Negative comments should be avoided at all times.       If you have an issue or concern with this class, it is best that you talk with me privately before or after class.
    • Students should not make negative comments of the choice of music. It is expected that not all students will like all the musical pieces chosen for the class. The goal of this class is to learn music pieces of various styles and historical periods to expand our music abilities and knowledge. Students are advised to have an open mind when they learn music that they are not accustomed to.
    • Students should show respect to teacher and fellow classmates at all times. No foul language should be spoken in class. Praise, encouragement, and occasional constructive criticism, are always welcomed.
    • Students are NOT automatically dismissed when the bell rings! You must wait until the teacher/conductor dismisses the class.
    • Students should be practicing his/her instrument two and a half to three hours a week at home. There will be playing tests and pop quizzes on music that we are working on.





      I have read the rehearsal rules of this class, and I am willing to abide by them.





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