• Interim Assessments Overview: 
    Teachers from the SLUSD Assessment Task Force used the INSPECT® Common Core Item Bank to build Interim Assessments that are aligned with our new Common Core Curriculum Guides.   The Interim Assessments will be given three times a year and are administered online.  These assessments will provide students with access to the different item types and depth of knowledge that students will be expected to know on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Summative Assessment given in the spring.  Some of the highlights include: 
    • Features over 32,000 ELA and math items written to assess the Common Core State Standards
    • Based on the principles of evidence-centered design
    • Includes innovative item types that require deeper thinking, such as selected response, including those with more than one correct answer, constructed response, and technology-enhanced items
    • Offers a comprehensive suite of assessments including Interim Formative Assessments, End of Year Summative Assessments, and Performance Tasks for ELA and math in order to provide educators the resources they need to address CCSS and 21st century assessment demands
    • Includes a library of over 200 pre-built assessments made up of blueprints, diagnostics, and benchmarks for all tested grade levels
    • Includes English language development assessments to benchmark progress in language acquisition (English Language Learner Assessment; ELLA)

    Interim Assessment Directions  
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