Secondary Redesign - Purpose

  • In the spring of 2015, the San Leandro Unified School District began the process of considering changes to elements of its secondary schools’ program design. This strategic consideration was a consequence of several of the following influences: changes in curricular standards across several content areas, a more performance based assessment system, a new district technology landscape, research and development instigated by the state’s Career Pathway Trust (CPT) grant, anticipated refocus on career technical education, and an overall emphasis on increasing college and career readiness.

    District staff worked diligently with parents, teachers, site administrative teams, community members, trustees, and experts from the field to inform the decisions associated with the changes. Last year, our board of education approved the suggested changes that emerged from a year long program evaluation and redesign process. Several of the changes are soon to be implemented in the upcoming 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years. Now, in January of 2017, we remain committed to communicating these exciting changes well in advance of the fall to ensure staff, parents and students are prepared for the transition.

Secondary Redesign - Committee

  • The San Leandro Unified School District's Secondary Redesign Committee is comprised of members from our secondary schools: Bancroft Middle, John Muir Middle, San Leandro High School, and Lincoln Alternative Education Center. The committee met during the Spring of 2015; materials from those meetings are below. 

Secondary Redesign Recommendations

  • At the January 12, 2016 Board of Education meeting, the trustees voted 5-0 to approve the final recommendations presented by Deputy Superintendent Dr. Rosanna Mucetti. 
    Click here to view the district's final recommendations and click here to read the district's press release.