Bancroft Middle School
    Home of the Bronco Scholars & Champions
    Our Motto:
    Please remember to take care of yourself, take care of one another and take care of Bancroft!
    Our Mission:
    We prepare all students to be empowered lifelong learners.
    Our Vision:
    We see our students' diversities as pathways towards academic and social success. We create a safe and equitable learning environment for all.
    Our Values & Norms
    Broncos value education.
    o We cultivate a rigorous and culturally-relevant academic environment.
    o We support innovation, growth, and taking academic risks.
    o We recognize our diverse learning styles.
    o We do our best and persevere.
    o We help each other achieve academic success.
    Broncos value community.
    o We act with integrity, assume good intentions, and honor differences.
    o We strive to make each day an opportunity to improve things for ourselves and our community.
    o We are allies for one another.
    o We are proud to be who we are.
    o We communicate professionally, positively, and collaboratively.
    o We make sure all voices are heard and considered.
    o Take care of yourself, take care of one another, take care of Bancroft.
    Broncos Are...