• Grades 3rd through 11th will be administering the Illuminate Interim assessments using District chromebooks by going to the Illuminate Home Connection Portal which is located on the managed bookmarks tab.  The assessments have been assigned to the students by the Assessment Department based on their grade level and are ready to go.

     As we continue to align our internal assessment system to the Common Core State Standards and the state assessment system, you will notice some changes to the interim assessments.  The Interim Assessments have been updated to include additional item types that mirror the Common Core State Standards and state assessment system even further.   Additionally, many teachers expressed an interest in having the interim assessment over one session instead of two.  Instead of a two part interim assessment we consolidated the assessments into one test for ELA and one for Math.

    We also want to acknowledge the need for our students to have practice taking Performance Tasks.  In addition to the Non-Performance Task Assessments, we will be administering Performance Task for both English Language Arts and Mathematics. The PT teacher materials are linked directly within the Assessment Calendar. Students will receive the lesson from the teacher and take the PT test online through the Illuminate Home Connection Portal.