• FAFSA & CA Dream Act:

    Students that are enrolled in a University must submit their FAFSA/CA Dream act every year by March 2nd. It is imortant that each student submit their FAFSA/CA Dream Act in order to maximize their grants given by their school.

    The deadline to receive cal grants has passed, but students can still apply for FAFSA & CA Dream Act. If you need help applying for FAFSA or the CA Dream Act, stop by the College and Career Center to get help.

    Click here for needed documentation: 

    Documents needed for you FAFSA/CA Dream Act

Application Links:

How to:

  • How To Create Your FSA ID
  • FAFSA Line-by-Line 1
  • FAFSA Line-by-Line 2
  • Apply For Your CA Dream Act
  • Create Your Cal Grant Account