Eden Area ROP

  • Eden ROP                  
    The Eden Area Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is career technical education that empowers students to make meaningful career choices by providing opportunities to explore their interests, develop career skills, and reinforce academics. ROP also offers a wide range of additional educational benefits, including college credit for qualifying courses, industry certification, and interships when appropriate.
    Visit www.edenrop.org for more info.

San Leandro Education Foundation

  • SLED                  
    The San Leandro Education Foundation’s mission is to identify and mobilize local, regional and national resources in order to bring increased funding, innovative programming and strong partnerships to San Leandro Unified School District’s public schools.
    Visit http://www.sledfund.org/ for more info.

San Leandro Sports Foundation

  • SLSF                  
    The mission of the San Leandro Sports Foundation is to support and improve physical fitness programs, help maintain existing athletic facilities, and advocate for the development of new athletic facilities in and around the community of San Leandro, California.
    The guiding principle of the San Leandro Sports Foundation is that supporting health and fitness programs and their accompanying infrastructure will encourage more of our youth and adults to play and exercise, creating a healthier and happier community.
    Visit http://www.slsfi.org/ for more info.