University of California
    This page lists steps, tools and requirements for eligibility as a freshman applicant to the University of California (UC) system.
    • A-G UC REQUIREMENTS  ***Remember that you will need to complete 11 courses by the end of your 11th year of high school***
    • UC/CSU Doorways: Click here to determine all San Leandro High School approved A-G courses. Make sure you are clicking on the year that you are taking/have taken the class. If you come from a different school you will be able to determine eligibility from this link here. Make sure that you enter your school name, if different from San Leandro High. 
    • UC Personal Insight:To access UC Personal Insight questions/information please click here. On the right hand corner of the link you will be able to download the "worksheet for freshman applicants."
    • UC Application: please click here.  
            ***IMPORTANT REMINDER: Application deadline is November 30th***