• Summer/Enrichment Courses at the Community Colleges
    Community Colleges offer many enrichment classes that are open for high school students to take. Each College may admit students to take college-level courses depending upon space. Concurrently enrolled students will be permitted to enroll in no more than six units or two classes per semester.
    If you are intending to take any math or English classes or any classes with a prerequisite in those two subjects, students will work with a representative from the assessment center counselor to complete guided self placement to be able to register for the math or English class.  Please visit the specific Community College's website for the Assessment Center schedule.
    Our local Community Colleges that most students access are Chabot College and any of the Peralta Community Colleges (Laney, Merritt, College of Alameda, or Berkeley City College). For more information on the concurrent enrollment program and process please visit the links below and follow the steps. Students will need to meet with their counselor to complete the concurrent enrollment form.

    Chabot     Chabot College- Concurrent Enrollment Program 
    Peralta    Peralta Community Colleges- Concurrent Enrollment Process