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    Eureka Math
    A math lesson is taught on a daily basis.  After the lesson is taught in class, students are to complete the Problem Set in-class with guidance.  As students complete the Problem Set they are given the option to work on the Homework Set in-class or they may choose to work on Zearn, an online program that directly supports the current lesson they have been practicing.  Students bring home the Problem Set and Homework Set for the lesson taught that day and complete whatever Homework was not completed in class.  
    Parents use these Module Tip Sheets to help your child with any math work they need help with in homework.
    Students learning with Zearn Math develop a deep understanding of key grade-level math concepts, can connect those concepts to prior learnings, and are able to apply their knowledge flexibly and accurately when encountering new situations, contexts, and problems. All curricular materials reflect the core instructional shifts of mathematics— focus, coherence, and rigor—which are research-based and internationally benchmarked. These shifts ensure K–5 students build the critical arithmetic foundations that prepare them to extend algebraic thinking in middle school and explore more advanced mathematics in later grades.
    A web-based K–8 mathematics curriculum and assessment tool designed to allow for instructional differentiation and data-driven decision making. 
    Prodigy is a free, adaptive math game that integrates common-core math (grades 1-7) into a fantasy style game that students love playing.