• Homework or Classwork? 
    Students are given a Reading Packet and assigned a RAZ Reading Book on Mondays.  They read the book throughout the week and are encouraged to finish 1 page of the Reading Packet daily.  There is time during Computer Lab for students to complete this.  By Friday, their packet should be complete.  
    Math homework comes daily. Students complete the Problem Set of their daily math and may choose to start their homework in class.  Any unfinished work in the Homework Set maybe completed as homework.  
    Students are also encouraged to read on a daily basis.  In their Homework Folders there is a Reading Log where students track their reading in class and at home.  Please verify they are reading and initial their Reading Log daily.
    Typically, completed Homework folders should have 4 Math Packets, a Reading Packet, and a Reading Log by Friday.
    Homework is not intended to be busy-work, punishment, or cause any hardships at home.  Please use your own best judgement on how important homework is to you.  I leave it up to you, to decide how much or how little your child must do at home.  Students are given plenty of time in class to do most of their homework/classwork.  Homework is meant to be an extension of what we did in class.  Homework is practice.  Periodically I will be checking-in with your child as far as their mastery of the content and will recommend if he/she needs more practice outside of class.