Attendance = Success

  • Daily attendance is critical to student success at SLHS. In order to achieve and earn credits, it is vital that students attend school every day, every class, and be on time. However, please do not send your student to school if they are contagious. Consistent student attendance generates $$ for paying teachers and staff salaries, buying books and keeping our school clean and safe. Attendance is monitored on a daily basis.

Are absence and late notes required?

    • If your student is absent from school for any reason, the absence MUST be cleared within 48 hours or a cut will be issued.
    • You may call the Attendance Office to clear an absence.If you do not call the Attendance Office, then upon return to school the student MUST have a note written by a parent/guardian excusing the absence. Notes must contain the student's full first and last names and be brought into the Attendance Office immediately upon the student's return to school. (Students may not write their own absence notes; students who falsify notes will be suspended.)
    • Parents may check on a student's attendance by calling the Attendance Office anytime between 7:30am and 3:30pm at 618-4600 ext. 4601.They will be glad to assist you with any information regarding your student's attendance.
    • Parents can also access their student's attendance online.

May students leave at lunch?

  • SLHS is a closed campus and students are not allowed to leave campus during lunch.

How do I sign my student out of school early?

  • Before school starts in the morning, your student must obtain a Permit to Leave from the Attendance Office whenever they have an appointment or must leave school for any reason. Either a note written by a parent/guardian or a phone call from a parent/guardian must be provided on the day of the appointment.