Reasons for Expulsion

  • If a student's behavior falls under any of the outlined reasons for suspension, he or she may also be recommended for expulsion by a principal or designee. These acts include:

    Use, possession or sale of any weapon
    This includes guns, knives, explosives or other dangerous objects. Any object used in a dangerous manner is considered a weapon

    Brandishing a knife at another person
    This refers to waving a knife at someone in a threatening manner. Knife refers to any type of folding knife, razor (with unguarded blades), or any dirk, dagger, or weapon with a fixed, sharpened blade fitted primarily for stabbing.

    Dangerous Behavior
    Repeated incidents of fighting, violence or otherwise causing serious injury to another.

    Sexual Misconduct
    Attempting to commit or committing a sexual assault or committing a sexual battery.

    Use, distribution, or possession of controlled substances
    Selling or providing someone a controlled substance, excluding tobacco, or possessing an amount for more than personal use. This includes prescription medications. A student found in possession of tobacco will be recommended for expulsion on the fourth offense.


    For more detailed information, consult California Education Code 48900.

Authority to Expel

  • Only the Board of Education can order a student expelled. This does not occur without a recommendation from an Expulsion Hearing Panel, which conducts a hearing to consider any recommendation from a school site to expel a student. The panel decides whether to recommend to the Board of Education that it expel a student.