Suspension Process

  • Once a decision is made to suspend a student, a parent or guardian is contacted, and a meeting is setup to include the student, parent or guardian, and appropriate staff. The meeting is held at the school site. Parents who are not able to come to school can participate in the meeting over the telephone and or will be notified via a letter issued by the principal or designee.

Suspension by Principal or Designee

  • A principal or designee may suspend a student from school for a maximum of five school days in a row for any single action considered reasons for suspension. This is known as a "formal" or "out of school suspension." The process includes several key steps:

    1. A suspension occurs after an informal conference, held by the principal/principal's designee between the student and, whenever possible, the school employee who referred the student. At this conference, which may be conducted over the phone or held at the school, the student will be informed of the reason for the disciplinary action and the evidence that lead to the action.
    2. A student may be formally suspended without the informal conference only if it is determined that an emergency situation exists. This means a situation determined by the principal/principal's designee to create a clear and present danger to the lives, safety or health of students or staff. If a student is suspended without the informal conference, both the student and the parent or guardian will be notified of the student's right to a conference, and of the student's right to return to school for the purpose of a conference.
    3. The informal conference will be held within two school days, unless the student waives this right, or is physically unable to attend for any reason. The conference will then be held as soon as the student is physically able to return to school for the conference.
    4. When any student is recommended for suspension for any reason requiring police notification, a School Police officer may be brought in to investigate the situation.
    5. If, upon hearing the student's version of events and examining any evidence presented, the principal/principal's designee determines a suspension is not required, the student may be returned to his or her regular placement
    6. The teacher of any class from which a student is suspended will require that the student complete assignments and tests during the suspension period.
    7. Additionally, any parent or guardian may specifically request class assignments and tests during the suspension period.