Suspension and Students with Exceptional Needs

  • Suspension and/or expulsion is permitted for misconduct related to school activity or attendance that occurs at any time, including, but not limited to:

    • While on school grounds
    • On the way to or from school
    • During lunch period, whether on or off campus
    • Going to, coming from, or during a school-sponsored activity.

    *See EC 48900 for offenses that may result in suspension and/or expulsion.

    A student with exceptional needs, or who is eligible for services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, may be suspended for up to ten days in a row, or up to 20 days total in any one school year.

    An individualized education program team, or an instructional study team, is convened when a student's cumulative days of suspension in a school year approaches ten school days.

    A student may be suspended for up to, but not more than, ten consecutive school days if he or she poses an immediate threat to the safety of himself/herself or others.

    In a case where a student is considered truly dangerous, a suspension may exceed the ten days if ordered by the court, or if the student's parent/guardian agrees.