Alternative Educational Programs

  • A student who is denied readmission to his or her regular classroom instructional program may be assigned to an alternative educational program.

Community Day School

  • The main purpose of the community day school is to help a student become stabilized in terms of both education and behavior in order for them to successfully transition to their traditional comprehensive school. The community day school provides a high-quality educational program that builds academic skills, and fosters social and emotional growth.

    The district's community day school program is the Hayward Community Day School. Students enrolled in Hayward Community Day School remain up to one year. Students are placed in Hayward Community Day in one of the following ways:

    • Placement by the district's Family and Student Support Services Office as a result of an expulsion hearing.


    Most students return to their traditional schools after a semester but may remain for up to one year, depending on their term for expulsion. Some students who are seniors may complete their graduation requirements while at Hayward Community Day and graduate from the program.

Hayward Community Day Schools